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When it came time to make their music videos, the girls were thrilled to learn that Game would be directing them. Game had four thumbs up for Dominique and thought Shannon was hot, but saved his heart for his true love, Allison Harvard. Game was so in love with Allison that he showed her his secret handshake. That's practically like an engagement ring! Lisa also impressed Game with her dance moves. Alexandria, however, only made an impression via her doofusery. Game was so bored, and compared Alexandria to a squeaky tin man with no oilcan. The judges had a fierce deliberation about who would go home, as things got weird in the holding room. We see Alexandria start crying as she talks about how Nigel asked her if she was sad. Her response is: "No, asshole, I'm fucking tough!" Hahahaha. She got the boot anyway.

After a break, we relive the moment when Andre Leon Talley visited the ladies to let them know they'd be heading to Greece. Greece is, as Laura says, "The brain of all history," so it really is an amazing opportunity. The girls landed in Crete, where they had to give a makeshift tarmac speech to dignitaries and whoever else could be rounded up -- likely the production staff. Laura, who herself is the brain of all history, was worried about how her dyslexia would affect her ability to memorize a speech that included some words in Greek. She was hoping that a big gust of wind would blow her away, but no luck. Allison was very poised and appropriately dressed, so she won the challenge. Dominique threatened to steal her bag of tricks. The girls settled into their home at the Blue Palace resort and spa, and then took a day trip to the island of Santorini. Once there, they encountered donkeys! And rode them! There are no donkeys in the 716, and so Angelea was understandably nervous. Laura, however, was perfectly comfortable, as donkeys are the primary mode of transportation in Dogpatch. Everyone had a nice day, except for the fact that Angelea is allergic to donkeys.

As it happened, it was also Laura's birthday, and the girls decided to celebrate Crete-style. Laura was sleeping by the pool when Lisa came busting through with an ice cream cake. Laura bit right into it, almost setting her face on fire in the process. Shannon tells us that Laura is uber-sweet and lovable, and also very talented. And she loves ice cream cake, and was touched that everyone remembered that. And then the most brilliant thing of all happened when the ladies of America's Next Top Model posed in a giant Greek salad for their photo shoot. Dominique mysteriously loved baking in the sun next to some feta, and getting it in places that she never expected to smell like feet. But cheese in the nether regions was nothing compared to the serious situation that was Shannon refusing to pose in underwear, even when it looked like a bathing suit. Apparently, Shannon's decision not to pose in underwear was a result of her underwear shoot in season one of the show. She saw herself looking unholy on TV, and did not care for it. So, Shannon had no photo, but hoped that the judges would respect her decision, even though it was idiotic. They looked back at her entire body of work, but it wasn't enough to save her. She got the boot.

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