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And then it was time for one of the most dramatic challenges in Top Model history. The girls had to judge one another on their walks and portfolios. It was all pretty tame until Dominique was asked who least deserved to be an all-star, and named Angelea. The other girls offered their opinions on Angelea's guardedness or lack of confidence or whatever, and she felt like she was being attacked. She stormed out of the room, with accusations of stupid bitchery. It all made Laura very upset. Eventually, Miss J. told Angelea to get her ass back inside. Overall, Allison was improbably named the model with the least potential, and Laura was named the model with the most potential. We didn't see that she actually got a prize for this challenge -- massages for her and a friend. Laura wanted to pick Lisa to share in her prize, but Lisa said she didn't think she should get to share in the prize. Thus, Laura said she'd share the prize with Angelea, if she agreed to talk about things. As they got rubdowns, Angelea and Laura buried the hatchet. Angelea knew that Laura meant no harm and was genuine in her remarks, because if there is one thing Laura is not, it's a sneaky bitch.

It was then time for a photo shoot overlooking the Aegean Sea, in which the girls gave ancient Olympian sports a high-fashion twist. Laura was miraculous with her bow and arrow, but Angelea's lack of athleticism and inability to correctly pronounce "shot put" left her at a marked disadvantage. And yet, it was the unmemorable Dominique who ultimately got the boot!

And now, only four models are left! They've been tested in modeling, music, public speaking, and acting. Also, sloppy hot dog eating and feta mounting! Who will have what it takes to build her brand into an empire? Will it be Angelea, the passionate and persistent girl who's battled her way up from the bottom two a remarkable four times? She views all-stars as redemption, and pledges to fight to the death. Will it be Lisa, the daring in-your-face wild child, with more fire and confidence than all the other girls combined? Lisa is not drunk anymore, and has her eye on the prize. Will it be Laura, the lovable petite model who makes Hee-Haw high fashion? Laura could rock a price tag on a hat like nobody's business, y'all. Or will it be Allison, the quirky and unique artist who wows the judges with her photos? Allison is the greatest, and assures us that, despite all appearances and leaps of logic, she actually does want to win this thing. We shall find out in a mere two weeks! At this point, my money is actually on Angelea, but I'm always wrong about these things!

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