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All Hail the Queen

Tyra hugs Laura and says that she's amazing and is going to be a high fashion model. Laura is proud to have made it this far and gotten through all the crazy emotional stuff, and says that just because her face isn't on the winner's screen this time doesn't mean that it won't be on some other screen another time, hopefully not as a mug shot. Sophie then cackles as she tells us she never thought a Brit could be America's Next Top Model. Tyra offers to teach her some American swagger, and for some reason this is the moment that I really notice Tyra's crazy turtlenecked Linda Evans on Dynasty dress. Sophie tells us that she was the little girl from the countryside who went for Britain's Next Top Model, didn't get it, but kept on going. She got an agency, kept working and kept fighting, and showed that persistence pays off. We see photos of Tyra and Sophie clowning, and are out!

Thanks to all of you out there who have continued reading during this, the EIGHTEENTH season of America's Next Top Model! Now go eat a loaf of haggis and enjoy your summer! I'll see you in the fall, for the gonzo participatory action research season!

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