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Tyra then goes to talk to Sophie one-on-one, and asks what she thinks her chances of winning are, particularly as the last Brit standing. Sophie says that the elimination pattern in the second half of the competition particularly showed that the judging was not biased in favor of the Americans, but she knows that Laura has always been her biggest competition. Tyra asks why Sophie sometimes is teary when she accepts a photo at panel, and Sophie explains that it's nerves and pressure and gratefulness and the whole nine. Tyra reminds Sophie that she's called Illuminata because she does light up a room, and has something that makes people want to get to know her. If Tyra was 21, she'd want to be Sophie's friend. What about if she was the age she is now? She'd just kick Sophie to the curb? She notes that Sophie is not cookie-cutter pretty, with her eyes that are a little too far apart and her too-short chin, but that's what makes a good model. Sophie tears up, likely because she's gone years thinking her chin was just fine.

With that, Sophie and Laura meet up with Jay to get the details of their final runway show. He tells them that for the first time in Top Model history, they're doing a holographic runway show. This means that they can just go back to bed, because they're not even needed. No, not really. They'll be interacting with lifelike images, and also walking in sync with the outlines of their own bodies. What this really means is a big spotlight blob, and it's not all that exciting in practice. But Jay tells them that it's all very difficult, and timing is key. Also participating in the final runway show are recently eliminated contestants slash decoys Catherine, Eboni, Alisha and Annaliese. Laura is excited to see Annaliese, but could give a hang about the rest of them. This is, of course, the last chance that Sophie and Laura have to prove that they have what it takes to become America's Next Top Model.

They head to hair and makeup, and Sophie chats with Annaliese, who claims to be filled with bitterness. Alisha tells us that if she had stayed in the competition the other girls would have been frightened, because of how she would have mashed them up on the runway and won the whole thing. I guess we'll never know. We also learn that the changes for the show will be really quick -- less than 90 seconds! Is that even possible? Someone from the show tells Sophie that if she misses an earring or a bracelet that's fine, she just can't be late getting out on the runway. Everyone has big bows made of hair in their hair, which is kind of great and kind of awful all at the same time. That's mall fashion for you! Jay gives the girls a little last-minute advice and pep talk as they await their cues to walk on stage, and Sophie explains that there's a lot going on and she'll be called upon to fight with imaginary people and also blow dandelions. It's a lot to deal with, everyone! Laura, meanwhile, is determined not to let the pressure take her over. As the finalists give each other some last minute encouragement, we head to commercials.

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