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Sophie's commercial is next, and Nigel says that she has a great voice and was believable. However, he wasn't crazy about her candid moments. Tyra wasn't either, and expected more from Sophie's Illuminata self. Her read, however, was fantastic. Jay says that Sophie blew him away on set, and everything she did was cute and quirky. Kelly thinks that Sophie gives off a bit of an "Edie Sedgwick after the party vibe." But Tyra says that the super cute and likeable Sophie didn't show up in the candid moments of the commercial.

Then it's time to look at the Cover Girl print ads. Jay points out that, even though Laura was starting to feel the pressure of the competition, you can't see the panic or shaky sweats in her photo. Cutrone says that she doesn't really love the ad. There are two photos of Laura in it, and while Laura on the left is okay, Laura on the right isn't so great. Tyra likes Laura's sexy full lips, and her sass, and the twinkle in her eye. Nigel loves Sophie's eyes in her ad, which are focused and sharp and looking through the camera lens to the viewer. Cutrone says that it's a superstar shot, and that Sophie comes across as the hot, cool British model who can sell lipstick even with pink hair.

And with that, it's time for the judges to deliberate. Jay notes that this deliberation is unusual, because never before in Top Model history have they wound up with two likable finalists. Kelly adds that, even though it's her job to be hard on them, both of the girls have really grown and are incredibly beautiful. The judges take a tour back through Sophie and Laura's histories in the competition. First up are the photos from the challenge, which is when both of the finalists started to stand out to Nigel. Laura had her rock n' roll element, while Sophie was like a modern Kate Moss to Jay. He says that she doesn't fall into the lineup of regular pretty girls, and Nigel interjects to say that Laura doesn't either. He points out her broken down doll Kris Kardashian photo, and tries to channel ALT as he says that he'd put this picture in his salon, if he had one. Oh Nigel, that was just sad.

Tyra asks which model is going to get booked, and while Jay answers that Laura will, Cutrone says that Illuminata Sophie will. She has special Illuminata jazz hands to go along with this declaration, because she is clearly losing her mind. Cutrone says that she'd pick Sophie for a casting before Laura, because Laura is prettier on film than she is in person. Ouch. And then the judges take a look at the music videos. Sophie was super sexy with her video Flipstick, and won Cutrone's heart. Tyra could tell that Sophie couldn't dance at all, but her presence was so strong that it didn't matter. Laura, by contrast, was snarly and weird in her stopping, dropping, and tooching. Then there was the silkworm shoot. Laura was sexually attracted to the silkworms, and it worked for her. This shoot was a rare misstep for Sophie, who just thought about her boyfriend cheating on her and almost cried through the shoot. Jay says that he'd rather have someone who is unconventional and can make some noise.

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