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And then it's time for the Cover Girl Top Model Lounge with past faves Bianca and Laura dishing about what just happened! Laura mostly hopes that Jessica doesn't actually rape Nigel. That would certainly turn this into a "very special episode," and not in a good way.

When we return, the molestation continues. Nigel asks, "What was that? I don't know, I feel kind of assaulted." Jessica calls him "sweet cheeks" as their tram comes to a stop. Nigel hasn't even fully gained his composure as he meets with all the girls at the end of the practice. He tells them that, ultimately, they might go out and meet people who are celebrities and/or in big campaigns. They still have to break the ice. That said, the way they present themselves can lead them down "the garden path," which I guess is British for something good happening, or it could lead to trouble and a sexual harassment suit. He once again tells the girls to be themselves, which is, in this instance, terrible advice.

That night, the girls head back to Manhattan to put their newfound chemistry skills to the test. Nigel introduces them to fucking Ann Shoket, editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine, who will be the judge for this challenge. Ann greets them with her customary, "Hi ladieeeeeeeees!" She's hoping to be molested by Jessica, I think. Ann tells the girls that they're going to be posing in a photo shoot that calls for intimacy and seduction, and they have to make it believable. Nigel will be shooting the girls, and Ann will help him choose the winner, the one who has the most realistic shots. The girls then learn who they'll be posing with -- comedian Ross Mathews. So this is where all the emphasis on believability comes in. Nigel notes that the girls may have seen Ross on The Insider or Chelsea Lately. He doesn't mention The Tonight Show, which seems odd. Raina tells us that Ross is hilarious, but "isn't the most handsome gentleman in the entire world." Also, gay as a gadfly. The girls will have to pose with Ross in a second-story window as Nigel shoots them from below. It's supposed to be like a hot, steamy, exhibitionistic kind of moment. [I'd like to point out that they did nearly this identical challenge on Make Me a Supermodel with far sexier results. -- Angel] Ann tells the girls to keep it real, no matter how much Ross makes them laugh. Nigel announces that the girls will only have five frames, and since they're in the window and Nigel's down below, they won't know exactly when the shots are being taken. They'll be competing for $6,500 earrings from Jude Frances jewelry.

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