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When we return, the judges deliberate. Krista's shot is great. She seems a bit awkward, but she delivers. Tyra thinks that Brenda is Catalogue 101. Nigel says her potential is enormous, but she just doesn't get it. Alexandra was helped by the styling in this challenge. She has potential, but must understand that posing is about feeling. Pat doesn't think that she can pose in a strong way. Tatianna has a great shot, but can't survive on one great shot per week. The judges are afraid a week will come when she has none. Anslee has one of the most beautiful faces, according to Nigel. Tyra wonders if she's a shoulder-up model who should just do beauty. ALT points out that these days, you have to do it all. Angelea has gone into a world that ALT loves -- high fashion. She's fab. Jessica knows how to fly and is in another, very good world. Nigel says that she's such a pretty girl that she can afford to go ugly, and when she's ugly she still looks radiant. ALT wants to adopt Alasia. She's giving high fashion, he says, and is evoking star. Tyra says that sometimes you can look down, look to the side, kick your right leg up, reach toward the stiletto and create magic. I'll have to try that sometime. Raina's photo doesn't evoke the bogus, fake, faux poupee, according to ALT. In case you were wondering, a poupee is a doll. A poupette is a bad doll. You don't go to the dreck poupette level, you go to the high level, he says. Pat Cleveland says, "High fashion," and ALT replies, "High fashion," and Pat Cleveland says, "High fashion," and ALT replies, "High fashion," and Pat Cleveland says, "She has to learn to say hi to fashion." Just, wow.

The girls return. Nine beautiful ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has eight photos in her hand. And those eight photos represent those who are still in the running to become America's Next Top Model. The first name called is Jessica, who also has the best photo of the week. Well-deserved. I guess molesting Nigel brings you luck. Angelea is called next and does her signature cat-claw "reow!" move, which Tyra reciprocates. When this turns to hissing, we'll know to get out the spray bottle. Krista is called next, followed by Alasia, Anslee, Brenda, and Raina. This leaves Tatianna and Alexandra in the bottom two. Alexandra is beautiful and statuesque, and has a body coveted by many women. Unfortunately, she doesn't know what to do with all the wonderful body that she has. The judges think she can do much better. Tatianna's photo this week was not good. All of her fantastic shots have been luck, which make the judges wonder if she has any skill at all. So who stays? Alexandra. She gives Tatianna a big hug, and takes her photo.

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