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The judges deliberate. Nigel loves that the brunette photo is awkward, because there's also passion in it. Sonia says that it's more editorial and could be in a high-fashion magazine, whereas the blondes would be a billboard. Jaclyn looks extraordinary, even though her body language needs some work. The judges talk about how different she looks in person, but Nigel says that she turns it on and her photos are extraordinary. ALT says that you can't read Monique's personality when she stands in front of you, but she manages to pull it off in photographs. He wonders if that's good or bad. Tyra says that Monique has been sailing in the middle, never the worst and never the best. Nigel says that there's no tension, and if you take her out of the picture it's just as strong. Sonia says that of all the girls, Mikaela is the least editorial. She has the bone structure for it, but doesn't come across as having any personality or drive. ALT says that in addition to physical beauty, you have to evoke something from within, and he doesn't get that from Mikaela. Brittani is the star of the photo, and ALT loves her mean, defiant pout. Nigel says that Brittani is the most modern of the bunch, and there's something about her that's electric.

The judges then move to the blondes. Hannah is one of those models that is very physically attractive in person and photographs as you see her, according to Nigel. She's not a chameleon, and that works for commercial modeling. ALT says that she's beautiful in the photo, but it's not giving him the impact of beauty that he needs. Kasia stands out in the photo, and Sonia says she also has good energy and clients would like her. ALT says that Kasia is the highlight of the photo, and the other bitches are her backup singers. Molly is back, says Nigel. The body language and legs are good, and she has a confidence about her. Alexandria seems like she's trying to get in on the shot with the others. Tyra adds that her panel outfit was a little strange, and ALT wonders what was up with her shorts tassel belt and crocheted bonnet. ALT says it was over-dreckitude. Finally, someone calls her out on the stupid hat!

The girls return. Four blondes and four brunettes stand before Tyra. But she only has seven photos in her hands, and those photos represent the girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The brunettes had the strongest group shot, and Brittani has the best individual photo of the week. Kasia is the runner-up. Molly is called next, followed by Jaclyn, Hannah and Alexandria. When Alexandria is called, ALT makes her take off her tassel and bonnet. She does so with some amount of relish, and the others are even more sick of her than ever.

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