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This leaves Monique and Mikaela in the bottom two. Tyra says that the brunettes prevailed in the group shot because it was more high fashion, while the blondes' picture was more commercial. But individually, these two are the weakest. Mikaela has constant dead eyes, and she doesn't hold on to what Tyra calls "the handlebars of fierceness." She's really trying to make that happen, isn't she? Mikaela holds on and lets go, and it comes back to bite her in the group shot. Then there's Monique. She's been riding in the middle, and the judges feel like they don't really know who she is. So who stays? Mikaela. Tick tock, though.

Monique gets a momentary bitchface, but it's really just to hide her impending tears. Tyra loves Monique's big booty, and says that she has a beautiful body and stunning face, and it's up to her to stand out. Brittani cries a lot too and gives Monique a big hug. A tearful Monique tells us that she didn't see this coming. She's been pissed off about being in the middle and has tried to really go after it, but something inside her is still holding back a bit. She whines that she doesn't want to go home yet, so this really sucks. And now who will really have the gumption to face off with and/or invade the privacy of Alexandria?

Next week: Oh wait, Brittani is going to face off with Alexandria something fierce. And then she has a meltdown at panel! What the heck is going on?!?!

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