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Sticks in the Mud

The girls are covered in mud, and Alexandria celebrates by doing a pirouette. She says she feels really powerful, like she just crawled out of the earth. That's a nice contrast to her usual status of just having crawled from under a bridge. The blondes are indeed up first, and position themselves in a big, muddy heap. Jay tells them not to get so wrapped up in individual modeling that they forget about the built-in interaction. Brittani tells us that the blondes all blend together into a mass of straw-like hair. Molly is confident in her ability to rise out of the bottom two, while Jay loves what Hannah's giving. Jonathan wants a little more intensity from Alexandria. Jay says that Molly and Hannah are in the middle and owning the shot, while Alexandria and Kasia aren't connecting. He tells Kasia that she seems to be questioning what she's doing on the end. Kasia tells us that in this shoot there wasn't a whole lot of room for movement, and she didn't want to make a disturbance. However, she needed to make herself stand out and so repositions a bit, which seems to please Jay.

The girls rearrange again, and Jay tells Kasia to put her arm around Molly. After a few frames, Alexandria asks Kasia if there's any way to move her arm. Jay asks Alexandria why she's trying to direct the shot, and she quickly (and perhaps in a slight panic) explains that she's not trying to do that, but rather just wants a place to put her head. Jay tells her to leave Kasia's arm alone, because he put it there on purpose. Alexandria shakily tells us in an interview that if Mr. Jay thinks she was directing, he's going to tell Tyra, and she will be toast. Brittani tells us that Alexandria is not reformed at all, and is the same disrespectful, controlling nit that she was a few weeks ago. With that, the dirty blondes are done.

The brunettes are next, and Mikaela is both going to make sure her eyes are fierce and embrace her inner bombshell. Jaclyn is working her face in a somewhat hilarious way, and Jonathan tells her not to go too lioness on him. Jay asks what she's thinking, and she says she's trying to feel like she's in a jungle-like atmosphere. The real action, however, is in the background, where Brittani has one of Monique's legs lifted up and looks like she's about to smack some ass. Jay discourages the jungle look. Hannah tells us that the brunettes looked really barbaric in a way, and sort of like a family portrait of cave women. Vogue Cave was a very popular publication back in the day. Jay keeps telling Monique to stretch her head up more. He says that every so often she'd hit on something stunning, but then a switch would go off and she'd turn from a model back into a regular old pretty lady, which as we know is the worst thing to be. Jay loves Brittani's energy, and Jonathan tells us that she has body positioning down. She hits a great pose, and he stops to take an individual frame of her. That's really good. Mikaela was hit and miss for Jay, and per usual had lackluster eyes.

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