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When the girls return home, there is Tyra Mail of Doom. Someone is getting the boot. Monique confessionalizes that they're almost at the halfway point, and she's confused about who will be cut next. She hopes that she stood out, and that she'll get the first photo. Mikaela felt like she was in the zone, and is hoping that whatever picture pops up at panel is a quality photo. She's sick of floating around in the lower middle of the pack, and wants to move up in the ranks. Kasia thinks that she did well at the end of the shoot, but says that it was a rocky start. Jaclyn asks her if Alexandria got a lot of critique, and Kasia says that she started directing again, and may go home. Alexandria may think she's trying to improve and be really nice on set, Kasia says, but it's really fake. Brittani agrees, and confessionalizes that nobody wants to work with someone who is overdramatic or complains or bosses people around all the time. She and basically everyone else think it's time for Alexandria to go home.

After a commercial break, we get a glimpse of the panel backstage. ALT checks Tyra out and she totally calls him on it. I thought the jumpsuit era was over, but alas. This might be the most ugly one yet, if you can believe it. There are prizes, there are judges. Sonia Dara, the very first model of South Asian descent to be featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, is the guest judge.

The brunettes are up first for critique. Their best picture is indeed pretty good, and ALT says that he likes that he almost can't recognize who is who. Nigel says that they're working together extremely well, and that there's some good body language happening. He loves how Monique's hair is falling and the soft look in her eyes, but thinks that if she had collapsed more her body and face would have gone better together. Sonia agrees that Monique could have latched into it a little bit more, but her neck looks fantastic. Tyra says that Monique looks almost too relaxed, and is surfing in the middle while some of the other girls are on fire.

Nigel asks Jaclyn why she is looking worried. Jaclyn explains the initial animalistic look in her eyes, and how Mr. Jay told her to bring it down a notch. Jaclyn thinks that her body positioning could be better, but Tyra thinks it's fabulous. Nigel agrees that she rocks in the picture, and commends the look in her face and power in her eyes. If she came to judging with the same kind of power, he just might book her. ALT says that her hands look a little bit flat, but her face is stunning. She also lifted up her chin, per Tyra's instructions.

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