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Leaving the Nest

The girls re-emerge on the rooftop in their costumes, and the color schemes of the outfits match the friendship pairings in the house. Allison and Celia are wearing similar shades of blue, while Teyona and Aminat are decked out in purple. Allison is first to dance. She tells us that she is petrified, as she should be. She is going to try to fake it with confidence. Instead, she fakes it with cluelessness. Paulina likens her to a little rickety wind-up doll made out of tin, which is not the best thing for a samba. Paulina then says, with a totally straight face, "She looked like her mechanism needed oiling." On occasion, Paulina kicks ass so hard I don't know what to do with myself. Celia is next to dance. Paulina reminds her that she's happy and should enjoy it. Celia totally has an epiphany at these words, and some realistic faking starts to happen. Paulina tells us that, though Celia is not traditionally beautiful, she has a great presence. She also relaxed and went for it, to resounding success. Who says an old bag can't learn new steps?

Aminat is next, and looks gorgeous in her purple dress. Paulina tells us that the samba is roguish, and Aminat does the roguish thing very well. Aminat smiles and spins, and Celia says that you can tell that there's chemistry between her and Eduardo. She thinks that Aminat's going to take the prize. For certain, Teyona is not going to take the prize. She's awkward, according to Paulina, and looked like she felt uncomfortable. Aminat interviews that she's shocked that Teyona didn't handle her business out on the dance floor. She needs more practice, and also a rhythm transplant.

With that, Paulina has made her decision. She tells Allison that her performance was kind of pathetic overall, but had some good moments and some good photo opportunities. Celia was more aimed for a moving camera than a still camera, but her performance was beautiful and the dance was impeccable. And no mention of her trying it out in the Shady Pines rec room! Aminat faked her way very effectively. Teyona has been doing spectacularly well for the last three weeks. That streak has come to an end. She couldn't pull it together. And thus, the winner is... Celia! She is thrilled, and in utter shock. Paulina tells her that her dance was spectacular, and that she absolutely knew what she was doing. Aminat interviews that she wanted this so bad, and in fact should have won. At least she gets the thrill of being the first loser. Celia announces that she'll pick Allison to share her prize, and Paulina looks pretty surprised that it wasn't runner-up Aminat. Aminat tells us that Paulina doesn't understand the dichotomies of the friendships in the house. Celia and Allison get their jewelry -- onyx and ruby earrings for Celia, and a turquoise pendant for Allison. Allison was very excited to share in the prize, since she hasn't won a challenge herself.

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