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Leaving the Nest

Back at home there is more Tyra Mail: "At some point, the mama bird needs to push her babies out of their nest. Love, Tyra." Aminat is ready to be pushed on out. As Celia gazes at the Sao Paulo skyline, the others reflect on the challenge situation. Aminat says that she's won a group challenge, but not an individual one. She adds that she wanted to win the samba challenge and the jewelry. Her feelings are hurt because she's always second runner-up and never the winner. It's disappointing and disheartening, and a perfect way to transition into a commercial about McKey.

Yes, McKey is finally walking in that show she's been talking about all season. Hooray for her for doing a thing!

When we return, it is very early in the morning. Aminat and Teyona are in the bathroom, when they see two men walk by. Turns out it's Sutan and Christian, and they're there to wake everyone up! They head over to the bed of sleeping Celia and Allison and say it's time to wake up. Celia replies that it's time to sleep. I'm with Celia. Sutan jumps in the middle of the girls and gives Allison a giant cuddle. Allison is not used to being jumped upon by men in the morning, much less men who are responsible for glaminizing her, but she rolls with it because she knows that they're going to get hair and makeup done for today's photo shoot. Indeed, there is a whole lot of teasing and some crazy face painting. Teyona notes that Allison looked like she had a big bird's nest on her head. This is distinguishable from the normal state of her weave, in which it looks like a flock of pigeons died on her head.

Mid-makeup, everyone heads out to the bus. Aminat tells us that they drove about two hours out of the city. As they traverse some real jungle -- as opposed to "jungle for tv" -- they see a broken-down jeep ahead of them. It's smoking, and everyone looks on in alarm. Sutan and Christian lead the girls out to help, and Sutan exclaims, "It's a lady." He's half-right. It's Tyra, shrieking for help. Her jeep broke down and she's late... for her very important date as their photographer! She joins them on their bus, and Aminat tells us that she's nervous. She wants to impress Tyra and show that she's improving. Tyra asks if the girls are going to give her fierceness today, and they make various animal noises to prove that they will. Tyra adds that she shot some Brazilian girls today at a go-see, including one guy nicknamed "The Wolf." He should be on Daisy of Love. Tyra is all hot and bothered by him and wants him to drag her back to his den. This is a reminder that on go-sees it helps if the people in charge want to bang you. Teyona tells us that she's not particularly nervous about shooting with Tyra because, in fact, she's a good model. She's not going to all of a sudden go bad. OR IS SHE? No. No, she isn't.

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