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The girls head out the next morning and meet Jay at a studio. He tells them that creative director is "obviously" his job at Top Model. I thought he was just a comic foil put on the show to look ridiculous and make us giggle! And subliminally to sell Tang. A lot of people don't really understand the job of creative director, he continues, and he has done nothing to clear this up by his actions, so now he will say that the creative director does everything that falls under the creative umbrella. This includes hair, lighting, makeup and styling. It's key for models to understand what a creative director is doing, because it will help them to be much better on set. So today the girls will be challenged to be creative directors. To help judge this challenge is -- oh, fuck, it's Ann Shoket. She's the editor-in-chief of Seventeen, of course, and also the tool the Lord uses to torture me in retribution for being so mean about His disciple Tyra all the time. Ann explains that the girls will be modeling clothes from South Pole Juniors, a very important designer in the street wear industry. I'm sure you can find their wares in the juniors' section of your local TJ Maxx. Aminat is familiar with the brand, and says she's going to work it out. The client would like the feel of this shoot to be "street style with attitude." Good luck, Allison! And the winner will be in an editorial fashion spread in the June Seventeen. Ann says all this in a half-whisper, because she really took to heart the lesson that Natasha taught in the Aboriginal storytelling challenge in cycle 8.

Each girl will have the opportunity to be the creative director for the shoot, and they will model for one another and be teamed up in pairs. They will each have an hour to get their model ready, with the help of the Glam Squad. Or at least the Glam squad will help once Sutan is finished knitting his blanket. Aminat is the model for creative director Allison while Teyona models for creative director Natalie, who tells us that she's a very visionary person, as evidenced by her purple acid-washed mini-vest and wee Bjorn Borg headband. Natalie and Teyona are first on set. Jay tells them that they'll get 15 frames, and once they're done Natalie will have to edit her film and choose her final shot. Natalie creative directs to photographer James Wade that her vision involves Teyona walking with purpose and confidence. She tells Teyona to accentuate her walking, and Jay says quietly to Ann that you can create a walking look without physically walking. She should be conveying motion without actually walking, and at the end of the day the photos just looked awkward as opposed to stylish. As Jay interviews this last bit, Ann makes a stupid face. Or maybe that's just her face.

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