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London Bridge Is Fattening Up

Meanwhile, Allison directs that she wants Aminat's face to be natural looking with garnet lip gloss because it still has to have a look for ready-to-wear street. Jay looks at her with surprise, saying he's never heard her talk this much in her life. Allison says that she's all about this project and is having fun. She's extremely creative, she tells us, and this is her chance to showcase her abilities and not be hiding under her hair in the background. In those instances, she is often mistaken for Cousin Itt, which is bad for her already dubious self-esteem. They go on set, and Allison tells Aminat to give a jazz club kind of look. Jay loves the way Aminat looks, from styling to hair. Allison asks Aminat to bend down, and the photographer notes that he has to take a minute and move the lights. She then wants Aminat to stand up, leading Jay to mumble to Ann that you've got to work within the flow. Allison chooses a final shot of Aminat that doesn't seem to represent how good Aminat actually looked.

Back stage, creative director Fo wants London to have eyeliner with wings, leading Sutan to reply, "Oh, yawn, okay, I'm there," while still knitting. Fo interviews that she has London's makeup and hair down, but the issue is: what will fat-ass London actually WEAR? She puts London in black jeans and a sleeveless top, which London says makes her feel fat as a freak. Fat as a really fat Jesus freak, that is. Fo throws a red scarf around London's neck to cover the rolls. London confessionalizes that since casting she's gained about 10-15 pounds, which leads her to not be confident in what she's wearing. The funny part of all this is that the fatter London tells us she is, the fatter she looks to me. But she also kind of looks cute curvier. Fo asks for flirty from London, and Jay snidely whispers that it looks like a holiday Gap ad. Featuring all the Biggest Losers.

Aminat is creative director for Natalie, and says that even though she effing hates Natalie and went so far as to spell out the word "stupid" to insult her, she's going to put all that behind her in the name of professionalism. As Aminat flits about backstage, Jay tells us that she is not using her time well and wasted a precious 15 minutes. He walks backstage and tells her that Natalie, whose hair is still being done, needs to be on set in four minutes. She still has to change into her South Pole wardrobe, too. Aminat tells the hair people to stop, and Jay calls out that there are only two minutes left as we head to commercials.

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