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Jay and Ann gather the girls together for their evaluation. Jay says, "It's not an easy job, is it?" Only when you do it, Mr. Jay! Ann explains that the girl who came up with the strongest vision for her creative shoot will be the winner. The one who comes up with the best reason why Ann Shoket is half-whispering gets a punch in the throat from me for a prize. Anyone? Jay tells Allison that he's never seen her this chatty or creative. However, she wasn't very mindful of how they were using their time on set. One minute Aminat was on the floor, and the lighting had to be changed, then she was standing up -- the whole thing was all over the place. Meanwhile, London's style was all over Allison and it was not street wear with attitude. What he liked, however, was London's edit. She chose the exact shot that Ann and Jay chose. Not so with Teyona. When she edited her film, she didn't choose a great photo and in fact bypassed something great. However, he was impressed with how she styled Celia. When it's mistaken for Celia styling herself, that's good. Aminat has problems with time management, but did direct Natalie into the perfect Seventeen cover pose according to Ann, who gives a crazy smile and wink that, when paused, makes her look exactly like Ernest Borgnine. Maybe she's drunk? In any case, Teyona wins! She'll be in Seventeen's June issue, and gets to pick two friends to accompany her. Teyona picks Aminat and in a surprise move her model, Celia. This move is not Fo approved! Fo thought she was Teyona's homey, so the whole thing was a slap in the face to her. Eh, I think it's kind of classy for her to pick Celia, who modeled her look to perfection. Team Teyona!

Aminat, Celia and Teyona head off to do their color story for Seventeen. Teyona says she felt seventeen again. Celia felt 46 again. The whole thing is over almost before it begins with limited Ann Shoket, so we can count this as a blessing, I think. Back at the house, Natalie tells Allison that she should have won. Allison is sad that she didn't. However, she interviews that the challenge really helped her to figure out how she can be more direct and present in photo shoots. Oh, good. I really don't want Allison to leave anytime soon, even if she's totally boring. She's just so much fun to look at, especially when her weave isn't trying to maul her.

There is Tyra Mail! "You haven't had too much R&R -- maybe it's time for some R&B. Love, Tyra." Teyona guesses that this clue might have something to do with music. The next morning, at 5:30 a.m., the girls are sleeping peacefully. Sleeping peacefully, that is, until Jay Manuel breaks into their house like a very fabulous cat burglar and wakes them from their slumber. Everyone is startled, and Allison tells us that she looked like something that crawled out of the woods. Jay tells the girls that today they're doing things in true top model style, because when you're really fabulous hair and makeup comes to you. Thus, they have only to travel to their living room. Fo loves it. Jay ruminates on how well this all worked out when the doorbell rings. Teyona rushes off to answer it, opens the door, and screams that it's Ciara! Aminat bum rushes the door and practically mauls Ciara. Ciara escapes her clutches and goes off to give kissy face to Jay. He notes that Ciara has a new album coming out, which, big surprise. She's going to be in the shoot with them today. Celia interviews that this is exciting, because Ciara is a true icon. I don't know if I'd go that far, now. You put these bitches in crazy headdresses and stick them smack in the middle of Labelle, and then we'll talk. Ciara tells the girls to have fun, and adds that they should use the technique that Jay has taught them over time.

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