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London Bridge Is Fattening Up

Next up is Celia. She looks fabulous as always. Tyra wonders if Celia packed 12 fierce outfits for 12 weeks of Top Model, and Celia promises that she's got more. Her photo pops up and before the judges can even speak Celia says that she likes it. This is a first, and Nigel thinks it's brilliant. He tells her that her shot is not classically pretty, but works very well. Tyra loves that Celia looks like a crazy fan who wants to be famous herself. That sounds like a familiar motif. Teyona is up next, and Tyra proclaims that her photo is "may-jah." Nigel comments on her voluptuous breast, which cracks the other judges up. Paulina thinks that Teyona looks -- how do you say? -- fierce. Mike says that of all the girls Teyona had the best understanding of how to relate to the environment and situation. She was acting like a rabid fan, and kept it fierce and fabulous.

And then there's poor fat London. Paulina doesn't love her photo, and Nigel says it's over the top. He adds that London tries too hard, which is a big problem for her. Tyra tells London that she naturally smiles with her eyes. When you have naturally smiling eyes and then try to smile with your eyes even more on camera, you look cartoonish. Got that? Mike says that London needs to get a better understanding of what angles work for her. Paulina points out a strange tension in London's face and Miss J. cuts to the chase by asking her what she's eating. London acknowledges that she's gained a bit of weight, and Miss J. tells her that as a model it's her job to maintain her size. London thanks the judges and then has to be forklifted to her spot atop the platform. Fo is up next, looking adorable. Tyra sees her photo and yells, "Angles, angles, angles!" She has tension in her face without looking tense, which is hard to do. Fo looks long of limb and Nigel tells her it's a great photo.

Last up is Allison. The judges whoop with glee at seeing a different face from her, and one that looks like a ferocious cat at that. Seriously, her eyes and lips look like they don't even belong to a human. It's crazy. Tyra loves the tension in her mouth and anger in her eyes. Like Ciara, Tyra says, Allison proved that she's not a one-hit wonder. Miss J. adds that he wishes the tension had extended to her body. Mike notes that he and Jay had to literally provoke her to get that expression. Allison pipes up and says that this was her favorite photo shoot. Nigel pouts. Tyra tells her to learn how to talk when there are two photographers in the room whose egos are as big as her weave. Allison will never talk again. Good job, judges!

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