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And then hey! There are dancers! Brazilian dancers! And another very pretty lady. She introduces herself as Fernanda Motta, supermodel and host of Brazil's Next Top Model. I cannot even imagine the hotness that that show must entail. Fernanda tells the girls that there's one person who embodies the spirit of being Brazilian, and one of the most recognizable songs to come out of Brazil is about her and the way she moves. She is Helo Pinheiro, also known as the Girl from Ipanema. Ah, I do love that song. The girls are to pick partners and go to an address that Fernanda will give them. They will arrive at Helo's favorite flower shop, and there they will have to find her favorite flower. Fo interviews that the other bitches should watch out, because it's her turn to win.

With that, the race begins! Teyona and Aminat pair up and, thanks to Teyona's fast feet, are first to arrive at their cab. Aminat thinks they have the challenge in the bag. Natalie and Fo are paired up, I think by default, and Natalie wastes little time before complaining that she just was on a 9-hour plane ride, got no sleep, and now must suffer the exhausting task of riding in a cab. The horror! However, Natalie and Fo get the best cab driver and so overtake Teyona and Aminat. Fo interviews that Teyona knows she's one of the biggest competitors on the show, and so if Fo can knock her down in some way, she'll waste no time going about it. She and Natalie are the first to arrive at Forteleza Flores Shop in Sao Paulo, and quickly ask for Helo's favorite flower. Turns out she's partial to birds of paradise. Lovely. The clerk gives them a map of the Botanical Gardens, where they'll find the Girl from Ipanema herself. As they exit, Teyona and Aminat enter, a bit upset that they're in second place. Poor Celia and Allison, meanwhile, are way behind due to their geriatric cab driver.

The girls all hop back in their cabs and make their way to the Botanical Gardens. Allison says that she's super pumped to meet The Girl from Ipanema, because it's neat to meet someone who has a song written about them. Allison, this one's for you.

"It happens every season
Lord knows there's no good reason
Except that which Tyra's rib-filled brain conceives
You're the fierce creation
With the dubious designation
Of white girl with the yellow ratty weave."

Once at the Botanical Gardens, the girls must run, which Natalie also complains about. This might be because her chest is exceptionally bouncy. Aminat and Teyona are still in second place but think that with Teyona's track-star status they might stand a chance. The girls run this way and that, that way and this, and Celia and Allison move into second place. In the end, however, it's Fo and Natalie who are the first to arrive at the designated spot. Fernanda greets them, and tells Fo and Natalie that their prize will be waiting at their new house. She promises it's something that Brazilians love.

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