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And without further ado, it's time to meet the Girl from Ipanema herself! She emerges from the shrubbery and dances her way down a set of stone stairs, proving that she was fierce before these girls were a glint in the casting director's eye. Helo tells them that learning to move gracefully is important for every model, and for all those who want to have very famous songs written about them. She also has a gift for everybody -- the key to their new home! The girls present Helo with the birds of paradise, and the most interesting part of the episode is over.

The girls arrive at their new house, which is pimped out per usual. It's spacious and awesome and way nicer than they deserve. There is a full Jacuzzi, near which is Fo and Natalie's prize -- a basket full of flip flops. Some of them are adorned with Swarovski crystals, which just sounds like it would give you a blister. They're $500 a pair, which makes them a stupid thing to buy but kind of a fun novelty gift to receive, I guess. The girls take a moment to admire the giant photos of Tyra and McKey that cover the walls before checking out the bedroom situation. Bad news. There is one room with three double beds. This means they're all going to have to share beds. Natalie tells us that this is kind of weird. Frankly, it is. The house is huge. But really this is just a segue into a montage of Natalie complaining! She doesn't understand her complimentary bathing suit, thinks the room is cold, and wishes they had a view. Natalie interviews that Brazil isn't at all what she expected, and then tells the other girls over a slice of pizza that she sees nothing special about Brazil. Celia says, in Brazil's defense, that the Botanical Garden was really beautiful. Natalie agrees, but says she wouldn't fly back to see it. Bea Arthur would put this bitch in her place but quick. Natalie whines that her whole goal in coming to Brazil was to get tan. Aminat interviews that Natalie is arrogant for no reason, and her cockiness is growing. She thinks that Natalie is beautiful, but it's not coming through in pictures. With that, and a shot of poor Fo with zit cream all over her face, we head to commercials.

When we return, Celia, Allison and Natalie look out their giant wall of windows which, contrary to Natalie's popular belief, appear to provide an excellent view of Sao Paulo. Celia exclaims that the buildings in the city are so bright and clear and Natalie snits, "Where's the ocean, though, you know?" Celia interviews that Natalie is always complaining and adds a well-deserved, "Girl, you're in Brazil." She thinks Natalie doesn't have the right attitude. Her ass looks great in a bikini, though. It's a toss-up. Natalie snots, "I wanted a pool!" Okay, it's not a toss up.

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