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There is Tyra Mail, known in Brazil as Correio da Tyra! It says, "Fight or flight? You better give me both! Love, Tyra." Aminat interviews that she wants this more than a fat kid -- or London -- wants cake. Thus, she needs to make sure that her face and body communicate. We flash back to Nigel telling Aminat that she looks bewildered. She stands there and looks bewildered. Tyra tells her she looks lost and awkward. Aminat stands there looking awkward and lost. She's got to get it together and give more face. As the girls get ready, Fo says that they're going to a "Fo-to" shoot. Teyona replies that she WISHES it was a "Fo-to" shoot. Ooh, this is a rivalry not seen since the Sharks and the Jets! Feel the crackling tension!

Oh, and yay! The girls arrive at a city square where they see a group of men and women dance-fighting. Aminat tells us that they're amazing, doing flips and cartwheels and standing or spinning on their heads. She says it kind of reminds her of break dancing with a martial arts feel to it. Indeed, there's some electric boogaloo to be had. One of the dancers, whose name is Maestre Eddy Murphy, says that he and the folks with him are doing capoiera, a martial art. Luckily for the models, anyone can learn it. Frankly, I'm not so sure about that. Capoiera looks like it takes a lot of flexibility and coordination. I for sure would wind up with a foot in my larynx. But Maestre Eddy says that all it takes is confidence and the ability to create drama. I would like to see Benny Ninja and his gaggle of queens take on this challenge, but alas we are not currently watching RuPaul's Drag Race. Teyona reiterates that they were told that capoiera will help them to move and create strong shapes in their modeling, so she's willing to give it a try.

The girls get in line and learn a few basic positions. They are so instantly terrible that Eddy has to say a small prayer to the heavens. He tells them that he creates his drama about capoeira, and they need to create their drama, but model. Celia tells us that these moves can, in fact, help your posture and how you hold yourself if nothing else. She thinks it's fascinating. You know who's not fascinated? Natalie. Aminat tells us plainly that Natalie sucked at capoeira, and couldn't even rock back and forth. She does seem particularly uncoordinated. But man does she have long legs. I'll call it a toss-up again until she says something annoying. Maestre Eddy then tries to teach the girls how to do little cartwheels. There is a reason that six-feet tall skinny girls generally aren't gymnasts. Celia and Aminat engage in a capoeira fight. Teyona thinks this is funny since the two have had altercations in the past. As they end Celia poses and then throws in a bonus kick, which lands right on Teyona's face! The camera sadly was at the wrong angle to actually catch the foot-on-face contact, but a particularly bouncy punching sound effect is thrown in for good measure. Aminat comes up and says that Celia kicked her dead in the eye. Celia interviews that it was an accident but, "Tee hee." That foot in the face was, in retrospect, for calling her disgusting. Aminat seems to take it all in stride, and interviews that she'll allow one accidental kick to the face, but the second time she'll break a bitch's legs.

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