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Fruits of Laboriousness

Allison is up next, and the fruit headpiece really suits her. Jay wants her to sex it up a bit, and asks, "Haven't you ever looked across the room and said, ''Oh boy, are you noticing me?'" He then answers his own question with a deadpan, "Probably not." Even Allison cracks up, adorably. She starts to come alive, though, and Jay is loving it. Jay tells us that Allison usually brings herself down in shoots, but today she was kind of sexy and it worked. She looks absolutely mentally challenged as she poses, though. Then we have Natalie, who complains that she's about to fall over on her heels. She sits next to a blue house, and the photographer says that it's great. A dog wanders into set, but sadly does not give Natalie rabies. Natalie tells us that she thought they'd go to a normal set today, but then they got to the favela, which was not a good area. She wondered if they were in the right spot. Because, let's face it, poor people are gross. Jay tells Natalie that her shots are gorgeous, and she's done. As she exits, she tells Sutan that she did amazing. Teyona reminds us that at this point in the competition everyone always thinks they've done well, and even if that's true you could still end up in the bottom two.

Aminat is next, and frankly looks kind of ridiculous. What determines why someone does or does not look good in a fruit basket headpiece? It's truly a mystery for the ages. Aminat does not start off well. Jay tells her to pose from the fruit down, and suggests that she use some of the movement from the capoeira challenge. Things do not get better. Jay tells us that Aminat's problem is that she comes on set and shuts herself off. Her bubbly personality and creativity is never present in front of the camera. Teyona, in case you've forgotten, has half the number of frames as everyone else. Aminat tells her to bring it, and she does. She even manages to smile without getting too Polident on everyone. Jay tells us that Teyona transformed her denture cream smile into something modelesque, which he loved. She made the best of her 25 frames. Fo is last to go. She looks adorable in her fruit headgear, and of course has 25 extra frames. She gives a big, sassy smile, and Jay notes that she's giving him a much too literal version of Carmen Miranda. To be specific it was "Carmen Miranda on crack as a drag queen." That is some type of fabulous in the abstract, but in the person of Fo it's not working. Jay tells her to pretend that she's standing in sneakers and sweats, but Fo can't get it. She admits in an interview that she was confused and had no idea what she's doing. When she's through, Jay tells her that it wasn't the most genius and she definitely needed the extra frames.

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