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Fruits of Laboriousness

Back at the house, there is Correio da Tyra. Someone is getting the Brazilian boot. Natalie tells us that she's not nervous about panel this time. You never know for sure how your photo is going to turn out, she says, but she thinks it will be hard for the judges to find a bad picture. Aminat, however, is slightly nervous, even though she thinks she improved from last week. Fo prays to God and crosses her fingers that she got a good photo out of her non-impressive shoot. With this we head to commercials.

We enter panel with a continuation of the story of The Supermodel Who Wanted to Guide Future Girls, and So Broke Out the Rules to Owning Your Inner Fierceness. This week's rule goes something like this, "Once you plant seeds of success, your tree will bear fierce fruit." What if, like, a badger comes and eats my sprout of success? Can I just buy fierce fruit at Whole Foods and call it a day? And do I really want fierce fruit? What if it makes its way out of the fruit bowl and attacks me in the middle of the night?

In any case, the panel of judges have all survived their midnight fierce fruit attack. Though Tyra is wearing a ruffled high-necked blouse, so maybe a tangelo got a piece of her. There are prizes, there are judges. Fernanda Motta is the guest judge. And in case you've forgotten, Tyra has single-handedly ruined 120 countries by spreading her fierce Top Model seed.

Aminat is first up for evaluation. Paulina loves her dress, which she says has an African vibe, and adds that her skin looks like lacquer. Is she saying that Aminat is shiny? Aminat acknowledges that she got some sun. Tyra takes this opportunity for an impromptu PSA by saying that she wouldn't recommend that anyone get a lot of sun. Not for reasons of color, but for reasons of health. She waits for Aminat to agree before pulling up her photo. Nigel thinks it's pretty good, if not spectacular. Fernanda says that she likes the face but not the body. Miss J., Paulina and Tyra all think that Aminat did the "101 Black Girl Model Pose (holla!)" Aminat rushes to her own defense, saying that she did move around a lot. Tyra, being retroactively psychic, says that she didn't. She conjectures that Aminat thinks she's doing a lot in her head, but in reality she's not. Tyra is not particularly impressed by the face, either. Paulina tells Aminat that she's beautiful but boring. Amiant says she's not boring, and Paulina clarifies that as a person she's fine, but as a model she is most definitely dull.

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