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Back at the house, there is Tyra Mail. Someone is getting the boot. Sheena interviews that she's always nervous at panel. No matter how well you do, one shot can either make you or send you home. Sam works on a Rubik's Cube. Seriously. Analeigh confessionalizes that she's still not safe because she hasn't wowed the judges yet. Lauren Brie is also nervous, and notes that the competition is getting harder and harder. You never know what's going to happen, she says. Yeah, unless you're familiar with a little something called the "loser's edit." Sorry, L.B. Commercials.

We enter panel by seeing bits of Tyra's photo shoot. Her embarrassing moment is apparently feather dusting before she accepts her Fiercee. Yeah, I don't know either. And then, holy camole! Tyra is wearing some sort of hooded getup at panel. She looks like a human clitoris. Wearing fingerless gloves! Curiouser and curiouser. Tyra explains that to go along with the whole Fiercees theme she decided to be Little Black Riding Hood. The girls all sort of laugh nervously and hope they make it out of panel alive.

McKey is up first. Paulina thinks that her photo is beautiful, and Nigel adds that she doesn't look okay - she looks like she's falling apart. This is good in context, though, since she thought she was going to win the Fiercee but lost to someone who was apparently fiercer. Nigel adds that this is the most beautiful photo he's seen of McKey. Paulina is happy to see McKey coming out more and more, because she thinks McKey is so full of potential. Tyra, however, says that the photo would be more interesting if we saw a person fighting inside - like, say, a boxer - and trying to cover the emotion. Because everyone who loses at an award show - Tyra being among them apparently for her 12-time nominee status for an Insufferable Award - has a quivery smile.

Sheena is next and Tyra compliments her on not looking like a whore. Sheena's photo gets mixed reviews. Nigel tells her not to look all the way to one side with her eyes, because she looks like a white-eyed alien slash possessed. Tyra explains that this is what's called a "cheat" in modeling. Paulina adds that Sheena's body in her photo is good but not mind blowing. She could have done a little more cultural dancing, in other words. Analeigh's reporter with an attitude is next. Mike was impressed with what she did with the character, and Tyra notes that Analeigh is exasperated in her photo but still modeling and working the concave back. It's good news for Analeigh all around. Then we have Samantha. Miss J. is not too excited about Samantha being blinded by the light. Paulina thinks she looks like she's sad or might cry or might sneeze. She doesn't really get what the photo is trying to tell her. Nigel tells her, however, that it's a good shot and a good emotion and that she's doing well overall.

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