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Joslyn is next. Tyra says that this is the prettiest shot she's seen of Joslyn in the whole competition. Tyra mentions that they discovered Joslyn's strong profile during the week's challenge. Joslyn says that this makes her feel good, because she's always been insecure about her nose. She does have a little bit of a honker. Oh, and apparently she just heard my mean remark because she starts to cry. She's always considered her nose to be very big. Tyra tells Joslyn that every model has some part that's ugly. However, you have to learn to pose to make even the ugly parts work. Marjorie is up next, and Tyra reminds us that she was the challenge winner for the week with her bad-ass hunchback self. The judges all ooh and aaah and wow when they see Marjorie's photo. Nigel tells her that she gets herself into the most extraordinary positions, and looks incredible. Mike says that he likes that even in such an extreme pose Marjorie managed to keep her mouth relaxed. Tyra of course takes all the credit for any fierce hunching that Marjorie did in her shoot. Overall, it's a great critique.

Next we have Lauren Brie. Her tripping photo is not believable, says Nigel, and it looks like she's floating. Tyra tells Lauren Brie that she doesn't let go enough. There's some worry on her face in the shoot, but it doesn't read in the wide shot. She needs to ugly it up a little more. Paulina tells Lauren Brie that she should be doing better week by week and not sliding backwards. Finally we have Elina. Paulina tells Elina that the camera loves her, but there's nothing about her shot that says "overemotional." Tyra notes that in her film it looked like Elina was really crying at one point. Elina jumps in to get her emotional breakthrough points and says that she was crying a lot. However, it wasn't conveying with the camera. There were real tears, but controlled real tears. Elina chooses this moment to go for bonus crying at panel points, with yet more controlled real tears. Elina says that she let go in her shoot, and if that's not enough she doesn't know what to do. Nigel notes that she gives off a very steely vibe. That being said, the modeling industry is about displaying emotion. Unless you display too much emotion. You know, it all changes from week to week. Tyra invokes Halle Berry's Oscar speech, which was a hot emotional mess, yet fierce.

And then it's time for Top Models in Action! Remember Dani, who won the whole show in Cycle 6? She's now in New York City posing and working the runway. She has a couple of campaigns, and looks pretty great. Yay!

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