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Next up is Analeigh, who booked three out of three jobs on her go-sees. Her clean photo is so-so. Nigel says that he usually thinks of Analeigh as a natural beauty, and that maybe she was intimidated by Tyra. He notes that Samantha's picture looks like a campaign, while Analeigh's picture looks like casting for a campaign. Her glam shot, however, is a huge improvement. Nigel says that it's perfect and Paulina announces, "Heavy makeup is for you, girl." Yeah, do what you can to cover up that face!

Next we have Marjorie. She made it to two go-sees. She explains that it was a mortifying experience, and she psyched herself out with her infamous nerves. Out of her two go-sees, Marjorie booked none. Not a shocker. Marjorie's clean photo looks alternately like a broken-down marionette and a weeping willow according to Miss J. Jay Manuel says that what's interesting is that this shot was Marjorie's first frame test shot. The rest of her film did not measure up to her first shot because she psyched herself out. Marjorie's glam shot, however, is a beautiful picture. Tyra says that the girl in the picture is strong, sharp and cunning, while the girl in front of them is meek, timid and unsure. They need to figure out how to fix Marjorie's split personality.

Next there's Elina. Tyra tells her that she looks like a bad version of Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I thought that was Elina's thing? Miss J. has Elina remove her blouse and just wear her suit jacket, which the panel says is a big improvement. Tyra tells Elina that the go-see designers thought she was smart and very well spoken, but her tattoos were distracting. She booked two out of four jobs. Tyra and Jay explain to Elina her problem of going from natural to forced pose just as a shot is being taken. Her glamorous shot is not crazy like Tyra requested. Elina tells the panel that when they ask her to be crazy she has no idea what to do. They ask her to do a crazy pose right then, and she proves the point she just made by giving some sort of lame catalogue pose. Jay says, "You're 18, right?" and Elina nods. Jay tries to make some sort of point but it's interrupted by Tyra who is amazed that Elina is 18. The rest of the panel can't really believe it either. They force her to do what all 18 year olds do, which is shake their hair and scream. Elina laughs a little, like she always does when she's been required to partake in a "fun" thing. Truly, though, it is disturbing that she's not actually a 40-year-old woman.

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