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Next it's Marjorie's turn. Tyra does a test shot in which she asks for pure Polaroid Marjorie, and tells Marjorie to make it usable. She does, as she gives a little hunchy pose. Marjorie then jumps around to try to get her nerves out. We cut to Jay, in an interview, asking Tyra if Marjorie inspires her. We cut back to Tyra telling Marjorie that they're going to go for "the normal ones" first. Then Tyra says to Jay, "Was I excited to shoot her? ...No." Jay thinks that it's the nerves stepping in, and adds that Marjorie was a little intimidated by Tyra. Marjorie is a little intimidated by a leaf blowing in the wind. Tyra tells Marjorie to just flow and stop thinking about what the next shot is going to be. When the clean shoot is finally done, Tyra gives Marjorie a pat on the head and then asks what's up with her hair, which feels like fur. Christian says that he would love to cut her hair super-short, and then he does! She looks like Annie Lennox circa the early Eurythmics days, and her heavy makeup and jailhouse romper for the second part of the shoot only add to the effect. She interviews that the competition is not known for being merciful, and you either deliver or you don't. So make like Mr. McFeely and be speedy, Eponine. Tyra shifts the lighting around for the second part of Marjorie's shoot, just to try to convince us that she's a real photographer and stuff. Marjorie does a little better in her glamorous shot, and Tyra tells us that she pulled off the makeup. There is no orgasmic Miss J. face, though, so I think Marjorie might be in a spot of trouble.

Next up is Analeigh. She interviews that Tyra is the ultimate judge, so it's extremely nerve-wracking to shoot with her. However, it doesn't seem like she has much to worry about as Tyra, after changing her hair from a milkmaid braid to a ponytail, is done with her. Oh, but then Tyra interviews that she doesn't think that Analeigh is a washed face girl. She needs makeup. Analeigh gets all crazy looking and after Tyra tells her to look like a broken down doll her shoot is over. She seems pretty safe.

Elina is next, and Tyra asks her what's up with her nails. In fact, Elina has long nails. Not, like, hoochie at the mall nails with palm trees painted on them, but French manicure variety long. Tyra tells her that she can't model with them. But nails are the second best way that Elina can think of to express herself! That's like a personal attack! Elina interviews that she's been in the bottom two, and has heard everything positive and negative from Tyra. She thinks she can take everything that Tyra says and prove that she's not a stiff freak with control issues. Yeah, good luck with that. During her clean-faced shoot, Jay tells Elina to relax and stop posing so much. Rather, she should act like she's just hanging out. Elina can't seem to get it, though. As soon as Tyra was ready to snap a frame, Elina would go from natural to posed. Tyra tells her to stick her neck forward and part one of her shoot is done. While Elina is getting made up for the second half, Tyra tells Jay that she got it toward the end. Jay disagrees. He says that Tyra tricked her into it, and there's a difference between the two. Tyra is happy to take all the credit for Elina's good shots. In her crazy makeup glam shot, Jay yells at Elina to let loose for a change. Despite Jay's and Gloria Estefan's advice, Elina cannot, in fact, let it loose. Her last five "crazy" frames were even more posed than ever.

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