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The Girl Everyone Thinks Is A Backstabber

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Shut Up, Amanda

The following women are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model: Amanda, Nicole, Eva, Yaya, Toccara, Jennipher, Cassie, Norelle, Ann, and "Kristi." Will Julie and Kelle please step forward? Both of your pictures suck. Kelle, you played the blame game. You need to hear a critique and say, "I can do better." Or, if this show is any indication of the new wave of grammar, "Kelle can do better." Julie, what's with the manufacturing shizzle? You both lack passion, and Tyra is so disappointed in the. Both. Of. You.

Julie is eliminated. Boo! According to her, the one time in her life that she was honest, she got burned. That, my friends, is a lesson learned. She's sad that this is over. Goodbye, Julie. Potes will miss you.

Next week: Miss J. teaches the girls how to walk! America's Previous Top Model, Yoanna, is there to help. The girls get to partake in a "surprise runway show" that is a dream for Norelle, but a nightmare for the night-blind Amanda. Face? Meet runway.

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