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Shut Up, Amanda

At the office of Dr. Zarabi, orthodontist (or is it...orthontist?), Norelle says that she's had braces for two years and does a happy little dance chair dance to celebrate their removal. We see lots of the inside of Norelle's mouth. More, perhaps, than is necessary. Norelle feels much more confidant once the bling bling on the grille is gone. She likes her look and says it is much "more edgier," sexy, and versatile. Jennipher is unsure about being blonde, but honestly she looks nine million times better. I always thought she was kind of a dog before, but now, I have to say, I don't mind her all that much. Kelle likes her long weave and thinks it will make her more confident and comfortable as a model, and also as a Caucasian.

And then there's Amanda. She says that her outward transformation has led to a transformation internally as well. Let me break down this transformation for you. Externally: third member of Nelson. Internally: jerk. She struts across the salon floor and poses for the mirror, not even looking at the other girls. She says that as soon as she saw herself with her new look, she felt sexier and more powerful, and that the other girls are starting to feel intimidated by her, which makes her feel "good as hell." I'm sorry, but she looks like ass. First of all, her hair is yellow. Second, the length is ridiculous. She looks like a troll doll. ["It really does look like a cheap wig. She looked much prettier with wavy brown hair." -- Wing Chun] Actually, what it reminds me of most is this movie that I saw when I was a wee lass that no one believes is real. A bunch of evil people kidnapped children and made them work at a factory where their hair was harvested for paintbrushes. Literally, everyone who I tell about this movie thinks that I'm insane. If there's anyone out there who could validate that it exists, I'd be much obliged.

Dinnertime. Cassie apparently subsists on Diet Coke, and everyone starts to notice that she doesn't eat much else. She "jokes" to the group that she is starving herself. Oh, cry for help. When her food comes, she even gives away her spinach, and says that she hasn't had any potatoes since she was a baby. Potatoes are like mother's milk in Oklahoma, apparently. Cassie interviews that if she didn't want to be a model, she would chow down and not give a shit. Man, am I glad that I don’t want to be a model. Several of the other models find Cassie's eating habits worrisome.

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