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Eva and Norelle talk in the courtyard. Eva says that she was wrong, and said something she shouldn't have. She says that she didn't really want to wish bad things upon Norelle, but was speaking from a place of insecurity. She says that she apologizes from the bottom of her heart. And, I mean, Eva's apologized repeatedly. I don't really know what else she can do. Norelle says that this one incident isn't going to change the way she thinks about Eva. She was hurt for a bit, but eventually realized that Eva was speaking out of frustration. Eva says, "We might not be as close as we were before, and that's fine..." and Norelle says, "Yes we are," and gives Eva a little hug. Norelle interviews that people have said she should tell Eva off, but that she doesn't care and loves Eva to death regardless of what happens. See, Norelle is the greatest, and will never forget her lesbian mentor. It's like the Human Rights Campaign in action, this show is.

Tyra poses in lingerie and an open kimono. She says that her poses will be very dramatic. She looks kind of crazy. You know, I got my latest Victoria's Secret catalog, which includes pictures of Tyra in underwear, and I thought, "Wow! Is Tyra ever skinny." And then I saw this episode and I thought, "Wow! Is Tyra ever airbrushed." Posing posing posing. The girls are duly amazed.

The girls are outfitted in crazy geisha hair and makeup, and Jay reiterates that it's modern meets traditional. His vocabulary is so limited. Amanda doesn't really get the pose. Neither does Yaya. Also, Yaya appears to have quite the rack, which I hadn't realized previously. Norelle looks pretty awkward, and Jay tells her to think that she's a princess. He picks on her more, and continues not to have a smidgen of useful advice. I hate him so. He says that Norelle has no grace. Jay interviews (and why does he get interviews, anyway?) that he's interested to see whether Ann can "get it" after watching Tyra. Ann's hair is kind of hideous. She continues to suck. Jay tells her to pose "in a graceful way, not in a linebacker kind of way." Okay, heh. I'll give him that one. One. Ann really is a mess. Eva comes up and blows everyone away, which makes Ann really mad.

Tyra Mail. Someone will be eliminated tomorrow! No one wants to be eliminated. Eva says that she's come into this competition to win, and will leave wanting to win. Ann says that she wants to stay in the competition longer than Eva (yeah, good luck with that, Joe Namath) and wants Eva to be eliminated. That is so petty. Commercials.

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