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Tea And No Sympathy

Ann and Norelle, please step forward. The judges have been debating about you two from week one. One of you is strong-looking in person, and one is strong in pictures. How important is it to take an amazing photo, and how important is it to look strong in person? That question hasn't been answered tonight, but someone has to go. And it is Norelle. Booooooo! Oh, crap. Ann cries. Norelle hugs the other girls on the way out. She says she's proud that she made it to the top five, particularly when she didn't expect to even be called back. She's writing out little notes -- one is to Ann, and one is to Ann and Eva. I bet she's telling them to make up. She says that this experience has made her more determined to be a model, and that she's going straight home and straight into agencies. Good luck, little Norelle. I make fun of you being dumb, but I secretly think you're the greatest. And stop liking Paris Hilton! She totally has crabs.

Coming up on America's Next Top Model: the girls have to navigate the streets of Tokyo. Yaya struggles to keep up. Ha! And Ann pulls out all the stops to try to beat Eva. But she won't, so she might as well have saved the effort.

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