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Tea And No Sympathy

Ann and Eva have a weird little moment about who bows down and says what to whom. Eva interviews that whenever Ann does poorly, she gets mad at Eva. Eva says that she doesn't want to say that it's jealousy, but that Ann is frustrated at her own performance and is taking it out on Eva.

Yoko says, "We make much of each tea party because it is the only opportunity to experience that tea gathering." And then Amanda tears up, and she interviews, "With my blindness, I appreciate every sunrise, butterfly, the dew drop on a petal." And how great would it be if everything went into crazy cartoon land like in the middle of Xanadu, and Amanda was floating around on a magical rosebud with her boyfriend who had turned into a fish wearing a jacket? Amanda was very moved by what Yoko said, apparently, and says that the uniqueness of each moment is a beautiful thing. Eva says that she had great respect for learning the Japanese rituals, but that Amanda might have been a little over-the-top with the crying and whatnot. And I mean, come on. Norelle says that Japan is the most difficult place she's ever been. The lesson finally ends, and the girls bow to Yoko. Yaya says that Japanese thing again.

It's early morning at the house. Eva says that, at this point in the competition, everyone is stressed out and tired. The girls discuss wanting sausage and eggs, and pancakes. The girls receive Tyra Mail which says, "There's much to learn surrounding these three," and features the three Japanese characters for "Mystic tea ceremony." Ah, so during the challenge footage, I can prepare a three-course meal and draft my own manifesto. Good to know. Yaya says that she's feeling confident (not to mention humble) because she's winning all of the challenges. Ann says that everyone thought she'd be gone a long time ago (yeah, no kidding), but that she's going to stay longer than Eva and enact her vengeance. Amanda looks at a phrasebook in the van and reads something in Japanese, which means, "I am blind." She says, "Yay! All right, I need to remember this." Heh. Norelle asks if her ponytails look retarded, and says that at this point in the competition, any little mistake (including, apparently, retarded-looking ponytails) will send you home, and you really have to give it your all. Commercials.

Eva has once again been voted Cover Girl of the Week.

Yoko Takahashi and her giant glasses welcome the girls to their challenge, which has to do with -- you guessed it -- the tea ceremony. Are you kidding me? First of all, I have already watched ten minutes of tea ceremony. Even Earl Gray himself is like, "Dude, this shit is dull." And secondly, if anyone can give me a convincing rationale about what this has to do with modeling, I will give them a small prize. The famous Japanese designer Kyoko Higha provided kimonos for the girls to wear in the challenge. The winner and a friend will get to relax in Japanese hot springs.

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