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Tyra talks to the girls, and tells them that Tokyo is a fashion capital. She says she's been in many different places, but for some reason feels really connected to Japanese culture. Maybe it's because five Japanese men can fit comfortably on her forehead. Tyra teaches the girls to say, "I'm hungry," in Japanese, which was a bit of wisdom on counteracting eating disorders that she gleaned from her conversation with her mom earlier in the season. So very real.

Tyra asks the girls how they are doing in the competition. Ann says that she has seen a different side of people. Meaning Eva. Yaya gives a smug smile. Tyra asks if they have trouble trusting other women. They do. Well, women be some catty bitches, right? Tyra subtly pimps her camp, T-Zone, which is for young girls. She says that at T-Zone, they talk about sisterhood. Tyra says that, in the fashion industry, the aspiring models will have to be around other women all the time, and that having a friendly rapport on the set makes things much better. Eva says that she started the competition not wanting to win and saying that she didn't care about the other girls, but soon realized that she did, in fact care, "even with Yaya." Ha! Yaya glowers. Ann says that she thought she knew a lot about people here, but was surprised to see their other, more sinister sides. Yaya smiles, smugly.

Tyra says that people have many different layers (except for Yaya) and that there's no such thing as a bitch (except for Yaya), and that under a bitch exterior is often a hurt soul (or, in the case of Yaya, a pimply epidermis). Tyra says, "A lot of the times when we're saying something negative about somebody else, we're trying to cover up something inside that we're dealing with. Whenever I get real gossipy, it means I'm being insecure, and I check it. 'Cause I'm like, 'she's great, she's talented, she's gorgeous, and that's why I'm hating right now.'" Ha! ["Ahem. Well, this is awkward. It's like she sees right into my soul, and the whole reason this site even exists! It's because I'm jealous of Tyra." -- Wing Chun] Ann looks puzzled and mad. She was totally trying to tell on Eva. And I have to say, good advice, Tyra. Though I still think her talk show will suck balls. Yaya interviews that the conversation with Tyra made her aware of the importance of sisterhood, and of trusting other women. Well, maybe she should study it, then.

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