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Amanda interviews that drama in the competition is always the same: it's fine for a few days, and then something happens. Cut to the girls on the roof bar, where Ann is yelling at Eva. She says that what Eva said about Norelle hurt Ann, and hurt Norelle. We get a flashback of the incident AGAIN. That's the same flashback twice in one episode. I seriously wake up with Ann's voice saying "Me or Norelle? Me or Norelle?" ringing in my ears. Ann says that it's fucked up that Eva will be best friends with Norelle, and then turn around and wish her ill. Well, Ann, it's kind of fucked up that you will be best friends with Eva, and then turn around and wish her ill. Eva says that her intent wasn't to hurt anybody. And then fucking Yaya pipes up. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. Sorry, I need a minute to regain composure.

There we go. Yaya, of whose business this is none, says that Eva always goes around saying that she's real and everyone else is two-faced, but that it is in fact Eva that embodies two-facedness the most. Ann says she thought she knew who Eva was, but now she is not sure if she likes what she sees. Oh, can it, Janet Reno. Norelle looks vaguely uncomfortable. Amanda interviews that, when the lionesses are hunting in a pack, if they see a flaw, they go for it. Commercials.

Ann once again says that Eva is fucked up. Eva apologizes for what she said about Norelle. Norelle was hurt. Eva says that it was wrong, and she apologizes. ["Through this whole scene, I was so annoyed that Eva didn't just yell, 'It's a competition! I'd step over all of you and my own mother to get to that contract, and so would any of you, so shut the fuck up!' That's what I'd say, and why I would not be a successful reality-show competitor." -- Wing Chun] Ann says that the incident made her wonder whether Eva talks to Norelle about her. Eva finally gets a little heated, and says that Ann has said some nasty shit, so Ann has no room to talk. Eva says, "Don't even" about thirty times in the course of a second. Ann says that she's never said anything, and Eva calls bullshit. Norelle interviews, "I was so confused. Pink Positive, what's going on? Are we getting a divorce?" Ann wants to know what it was that she said. Eva says that they'll talk about it later, but Ann insists on knowing right then, in front of everyone. Sigh. Eva says, "You never said you don't think Norelle's pretty?" Ann says, "We talked about how she had a different look." Eva says that she's talking about Norelle's weight. Ann says, "She has hips!" and interviews, "Norelle...I mean, she has a bigger midsection. That is something that to me is factual." Nice. So I guess if I say that Ann is more of a man than Jamie Lee Curtis, it's okay, because I'm only speaking the truth. Ass. Norelle interviews, "Oh my God! My one friend wants me to go home. My [other] friend thinks I'm fat."

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