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Back in the argument, Ann is in disbelief that Eva has said that Ann is a liar who thinks Norelle is fat. Eva says that Ann sugarcoats it for Norelle, but that, in fact, Ann's intent was much more dastardly. And then, fucking Yaya, AGAIN. She says to Eva, "Like, seriously, you really make me want to study psychology. More." Ah, the popular Brown double major of fish and psychology. Also, shut up, Yaya. Eva tries to say something, and Yaya does one of those "shush, I'm talking" things. Yaya says, "The bitch of the house...anybody could say that it is you." Well, anybody could say that it is Eva, but I'm guessing that at the very least an equal number will say it's Yaya. Please see poll on the right.

In an interview, Eva asks what the Norelle situation has to do with Yaya. That, my friends, is a good question. Eva says that Yaya deems Eva Yaya's major competition, and has said as much to Eva, noting that they are both short and black. Ann says that Eva was completely different in L.A. than she has been in Tokyo. I don't know, I actually thought Eva seemed bitchier in L.A.; it's just that Ann was in on it then. Yaya smiles, smugly. Eva notes that Ann has completely changed her opinion of Eva based on one incident. Eva adds that she thinks Ann knows that Eva's been nothing but a friend to her, and to bring the situation on the table without first going to Eva to understand or clear it up is whack. She tells Ann, "I guess you never did know me from the beginning." And if she doesn’t know Eva by now, she will never, never, never know her. Oooh oooh. And boy, am I glad that the girls didn't pass through Massachusetts on their mad modeling spree, because I'm not ready to witness the first gay divorce. Ann retreats to her room and takes solace in the dulcet tones of Melissa Etheridge, yelling out, "I'll never come to your window, Eva!"

Tyra Mail! "Bust out from the old, embrace the new. Get ready to walk in my footsteps." Please, like I'd want to follow the path left by those stinky size elevens. The Dowager Jay tells the girls that they're doing a shot for T-Mobile that incorporates the modern with the traditional. He says that he always tells the girls about how Tyra poses, so today she's going to demonstrate. The girls will get to watch Tyra, and she will coach them. The girls are excited to see Tyra model.

While Tyra is getting made up, Norelle tells her that, the night before, the girls went from toasting to fighting, and explains that Eva hoped that Norelle would be sent home, and that Ann thinks she's ugly and fat. Tyra says that what makes beauty interesting is that it's debatable, and that there are plenty of people who think that Tyra is beautiful, and plenty who think that she is an ugly fivehead. Or that she looks like an alien. I mean, a pretty alien, but still. And I must say that, in her eagerness to say that people think she's ugly, Tyra is kind of missing the point right there. She finally brings it back to the subject at hand by telling the girls that they have to realize that everybody talks about everybody. Which is so true. ["Well, sure. I we are, right?" -- Wing Chun]

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