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The Girl Who...Wait, Seriously?

There are prizes, which I'll mention one last time. A contract with Elite, a six-page spread and cover in Seventeen, and a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl. There are the regular judges, plus Mr. Jay. Natasha gets her individual evaluation first. Tyra thinks she was really beautiful on the runway when she came out as early woman. Ms. J. says that she had a great, controlled, confident walk. Jay says that, even with the craziness backstage getting her outfitted, Natasha pulled it all together when she stepped on the runway. Twiggy notes that Natasha even lost her skirt on the runway and dealt with it amazingly, and Nigel says that he thought it was meant to happen. For him, though, Natasha lost some of her initial intensity toward the end of the show. It's true.

Jaslene is next. Jay starts off by saying, "Your legs, you spread them out really, really wide." O...kay. Nigel thought she looked like she came from the beginning of a James Bond movie. Her next pass was okay, but not particularly strong, and it looked like a church fashion show. As the show went on, though, says Jay, she built her performance. Twiggy says that when Jaslene gets strong, she can get very powerful, and that she looks extraordinary on the catwalk. Nigel liked that she looked like a winner, and like she thought she already had it in the bag. Natasha came out like that originally but lost it, while Jaslene didn't start with it but ended with it.

We then go through some of their photos from the season. On their first photo shoot, with the political statements, Jaslene excelled while Natasha blended into the woodwork. Jaslene also excelled at her high school stereotype, while Jay says that Natasha's was one of the most painful shoots he's ever endured. But Nigel says that she was trying, and the judges noticed her will and desire to learn. Both of the gender-switching photos were great. Jay says that Natasha had the entire room rolling with her hip-hop dude. Twiggy thinks it's amazing that Jaslene really looks like a guy. Has Twiggy ever seen Jaslene before? Both girls did well on their sexy men's and women's magazine shoot, though Tyra notes that Jaslene didn't bring her customary fire to the set.

Tyra asks the girls if there's anything they want to say before the judges deliberate. Natasha says that she's thankful that the judges gave both girls the opportunity to prove that they could do better, and adds in Russian that she's happy that girls with accents made it to the final round. Oh, she's just so cute. Jaslene says that this has been a life-changing experience for her, and she feels so proud of herself. She adds in Spanish, "Thank you for this opportunity." It's like a regular Model U.N., but Ban Ki-moon was never this fierce.

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