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Battle Of The Blands

Next is Eugena. Jay tells her that she wants to sell a product without coming across like a used-car salesman. Shouldn't he be saving this speech for Melrose? Eugena, I might add, looks stunning. Her first take is pretty stiff. Jay notes that she started off really flat and boring, and Eugena interviews that she has to remember what the judges have told her throughout the whole competition -- to smile more, be more open, and "work on her personality." See, I think the reason that I like Eugena so much is that she totally sees through the bullshit that is this show. I mean, she just has to ask us if we wanted lip gloss that would party all night. And then, she has to say, "Dance! Dine! Have a feasta! Your old lip gloss...hasta la vista!" Yes, they just pronounced "fiesta" as "feasta" so that it would rhyme with "hasta la vista." That is pretty gay, even for Top Model. Jay tells Eugena that she was really good.

So this, of course, leaves Melrose. She's freaking out as she gets her hair done, and says that there's so much riding on this, adding, "Eugena doesn't get nervous." She looks pretty good, I have to admit. She messes up some of the words and gets totally flustered by it. Jay says that Melrose is the ultimate perfectionist. He tells her not to overthink it or panic through it. Then he tells her not to punch every word, because it's awful. Ha! She has time for one more shoot, and Jay tells her to bring real energy to it, not the fake energy of which she is such a proponent. She's finally finished, and Jay tells her to leave all of her nerves and performance jitters there so that it doesn't carry into her photo. She cries to the hair guy, and interviews that it's hard to hear bad comments because she feels like if she makes one mistake, she's out of there. One could only hope. Commercials.

When we return, Melrose is still freaking out. She cries that she couldn't even say the product name right. The hair guy tries to calm her down. Jay tells her that Melrose needs to learn how to let it go and how to stop self-evaluating. Jim DeYonker notes at the photo shoot that Melrose's lips are trembling, and she says that it's because she's nervous. Jim says that you could tell she was thinking too much, and was too technical. Melrose says that she knew this was an important shoot and that she had to perform. She's happy overall that she went, performed, and got the job done.

Next there's Caridee. Jim asks if she's okay with the beauty-shot concept, and she says that she loves the camera. She poses, and says that she's trying to look really blissful -- not sexy or towering. Just relaxed. I guess she's thinking about her Spanish loverboy. And that's all we get! Jeez, was that quick.

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