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Ghost Brides: Asylum

When we return, Johnny revisits the drama and tells us that Jez was trying to be creative and get good shots, but Kelly is the boss and so Jez has to do what she says. I thought she was just the talent? Laura cries to Johnny about how frustrated she is, and how mentally fraught she can become when she's not confident about a shoot, and he assures her that she did the best she could under the dramatic circumstances. Leila is up next, and after Kelly tells the hair people what to do with her ponytail, she continues her running commentary of direction. One thing that Johnny and Kelly agree on is that Leila needs to work on connecting with the product. No pigeon toes when selling Nine West shoes! Leila tells us that she worked hard to come back and is the epitome of America's Next Top Model because she's so new and different. "New." "Different."

Finally there's Kiara. She tells us that she's always been a tomboy tough chick, and a lot of people didn't think she had what it takes to become America's Next Top Model. So now she's going to be able to rub her finalist status in all those bitches' faces. On set, Kiara is a bit too serious and staid for Kelly, who says that this isn't a comeback shot for Beverly Johnson. She wants something more youthful and energetic, and also for Kiara to open her eyes. Johnny notes that, with last week's challenge win and best photo, Kiara should be on top of her game. Instead, she is dead-eyed. Kelly tells Kiara to save her sadness for when she's back in her room. Johnny then interviews that it was great that Kelly was on set since she was representing the client, but people get crazy. And that's silly because this is fashion, and what's there to be crazy about? guys, I think he just called Kelly crazy.

With that, we're back at Rose Hall. It's one hour until the runway show, and the girls are going through their final fittings. The dresses that they're wearing, from Amato Haute Couture, are insane. It really is like Lady Gaga meets ghost brides meets Marie Antoinette meets spaceships meets a fallen angel. Some of the dresses have what I call a face collar -- it basically rises up from the neckline of the dress and covers the latter half of the model's face, while also sort of sticking out. There are examples here. According to Leila, when you are wearing a face collar, you can't see anything below you. But she thinks she'll be fine. She is SO WRONG about that.

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