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The judges deliberate. Chantal and Saleisha were two of the most commercial girls in the competition, says Miss J., but if they want to go high fashion, he'd go with Chantal. Twiggy says that body-wise, Chantal has the edge. Nigel argues that Chantal is not in control of her body, whereas Saleisha is in charge. Nigel thinks that Saleisha is very good and doesn't need much training. Miss J. says that Chantal is too much in control of her body, which leads to her being stiff. Nigel is not a fan. Tyra is surprised that either girl got this far. Oh, sure she is. She says she thought they'd be going home kind of early. However, they've done so well, and she's proud of them. Both of them want it so much, and Tyra is afraid that she's going to crush the girl who does not win. Not literally, though if she came down at the right angle I'm guessing she could. The judges have reached a decision.

The girls return. Tyra points them to the screen where the winner's face will appear. And it's Saleisha. I mean, it's all pretty anticlimactic, isn't it? Chantal is awfully disappointed. She says she's hurt and really believed she was going to win. But it wasn't meant to be, and this wasn't the way she's supposed to make it. She's going to continue to work hard to reach her dreams. Meanwhile, Saleisha's all happy. We get some cute kid pictures of her, and she says that when she was younger, she was weird and had low self-esteem and just wasn't happy with her life. But now, thanks to the magic of Tyra Banks, she's grown into a strong young woman and is very happy with herself. She fought for this hard, and was so determined. Now that she has it, she's never going to let it go. She yells, "I'm America's Next Top Model, baby! Auuuughhhahahahaha!" as her wig sticks to her sweaty forehead. Yay?

And with that, another season comes to a close. I know there's been a bit of controversy over Saleisha's win. Do I think it was fixed? Well, yeah. But I think it's always kind of fixed, just sometimes less obviously so. But Saleisha is a pretty girl, and I'm sure that after a glamorous year of signing autographs at Walgreen's, she'll set the world on fire just like Naima, Dani, CariDee, Nicole, and Sue. Wait, was there actually a winner named Nicole? It's really impossible to say at this point. In any case, I hope you all rock the holidays fiercely, and with a glamorous smoky eye! I'll see you in Cycle 10, bitches. Love, Potes.

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