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Jenah is up next, and it's so obvious that she's going to get the boot, as they didn't even bother to touch up her roots for the Cover Girl commercial. That is truly a travesty. She acts bubbly for Brent. At least she's trying. As soon as she says, "Take one," crickets chirp. Yes, she forgets everything. She rips through a bunch of takes, until she gets to eleven. Brent suggests that she go to cue cards, but Jenah protests. She thinks that cue cards signify that she can't learn lines, and she doesn't want to be "that girl." She asks for one more take, and appears to nail it. She takes a bite of a piece of fruit at the end, and it kind of falls out of her mouth and she giggles. Jay says she was the most likeable in that take. You can hear the silent, "For you," at the end. Jenah interviews that she did her part the best she could. I mean, given the roots and the fact that she's wearing a hot pink dress rivaled only by the copious amounts of blush on her cheeks, it was a valiant effort. Jay tells Jenah that he's afraid people will misread her insecurity for being bitchy, and interviews that she came off looking snotty and over the situation, which is something she should watch out for. I thought she seemed likeable enough in the commercial, but then again my favorite Fruit Spritzer flavor is Blueberry Bitchbalm, so maybe I'm not the best judge.

Saleisha is next, and Brent tells her she looks gorgeous. She interviews that she feels confident and excited, and she's waited forever for this. She's waited forever to bumble her lines? And to torture us with her uber-annoying voice? If her fortune cookie could say one theeeng, what would it be? Who knows, but in any case, it would be accompanied by a kicky head nod. Oh wait, but we finally find out what the fortune cookie says! "You'll get a refreshing lip gloss that's virtually shine free." ...In bed? But wait...don't you want some shine from a product called Wetslicks? I'm so confused right now. Brent tells Saleisha that he needs to see her twinkle. That is a dirty old man statement if I ever heard one. Saleisha says she needs a second because she's going to cry. She goes and sits next to Jay and Brent and puts her head in her hands as we head to commercial.

When we return, Saleisha is on take seventeen and asks if she can take a minute. Oh, take seventeen, eh? Where are her cue cards? She interviews that she's taking Tyra's advice to go off set if you need to cry. She doesn't mention the part about not ruining your makeup, though I'm sure that's taking up at least 15% of her hedgehog-sized brain. Jay tells Saleisha that he knows Saleisha is in there and can overcome it. And then, like, Saleisha can't even muster up an actual tear for her fake breakdown. She says that everything is getting to her, and the final three girls are there, and anyone can take it. She doesn't want to see anyone take her dreams out of her hands. Jay tells her he knows she can do it, and then, of course, she talks about her favorite flavor, tangerine splash, which is summery and sweet just like her, without once stumbling. Jim Deyonker shoots the corresponding Cover Girl ad, which involves posing innocently yet seductively with fruit slices. Jenah says she's a little worried about panel, but at this point, whatever happens, happens. From a different interview, as evidenced by her completely different makeup, she says she can't freak herself out. She has no qualms about freaking us out with her buck fangs, however.

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