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The models return. Tyra has two photos in her hands. The first name she's going to call is...Chantal. Chantal starts crying out of joy, and says she's been dreaming about this for a long time. Jenah looks miserable, as she should. She and Saleisha step forward. Saleisha tries to squeeze out a tear to add some authenticity to the situation, but can't quite do it. Tyra says that when Saleisha came into the competition, the other girls all commented about her modeling experience. But then girls like Jenah, with hardly any experience, stomped all over her. But there's something about Saleisha that was special -- she had potential, and her photos got stronger and stronger. She says Saleisha's name about fifteen times in as many seconds. And then there's Jenah, who had hardly any experience, but came into the competition and took photos that rivaled those of today's top models. Well, I don't know if I'd go that far. Oh, dear. And then today, Jenah climbed to the other side of the wall and connected to who Jenah is. Tyra feels like she knows Jenah now. An, apparently, she still doesn't like her all that much, because Saleisha gets the photo and goes on to the finals. Everyone is bawling like a baby. Tyra tells Jenah that she can have a kick-ass career. She probably could, in which case it's fortuitous for her that she didn't actually win.

Jenah says that she hopes she made a breakthrough at panel. She had her guard up and was on the defense and scared of coming off the wrong way. She wanted to win really badly, but felt very different when she was there, because of all the pressure. There was a lot of Jenah that didn't come out because she was scared, and because this is hard. We see some shots form her portfolio, which was really pretty good. Good luck, Jenah! I liked you a whole lot better in comparison with the other jerks in the final three.

Jenah leaves, and Saleisha and Chantal get to go see Ann Shoket, perennially useless editor-in-chief of Seventeen. The girls will have a photo shoot, and the winner's photos will be featured in a cover spread for the magazine. Saleisha interviews that she loves Chantal, and we flash back to the two of them making a pinky pact to be the last two standing during casting week. And looking at the two of them in bikinis -- whoo, Chantal really does have a pretty sick body. And Saleisha may really be borderline plus-sized. Bianca pegged it, oh so many weeks ago. Back in the present, Saleisha says that at the same time, Chantal is her competition. She wants to win the competition, and she has to win this competition. And then, oh! An obviously bawling Chantal interviews that she's come so far and knows that nothing is going to stop her and hold her back. This is where she belongs, and she's supposed to be there. This interview was clearly filmed after she lost. The editing clues get subtler and subtler!

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