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With that, it's panel time! There are prizes, there are judges. Tyra speaks to us, the audience, directly to say that maybe our comments will be included in judging tonight. And I wonder how many people who DIDN'T vote in the presidential election voted for Top Model photos? Maybe if we have our local and national candidates smize to the best of their abilities and we all vote based on the resulting photos there would be better turnout? Nastasia is up first for evaluation, and we get a whole monologue from Tyra about how she's so scared of dolphins. She's even had dreams where she's in a swimming pool and dolphins are banging her. BANGING her. No wonder she's so terrified! Anyway, Nastasia. Her photo is gorgeous, and the black and white really really suits all of these photos. Kelly likes the extension of Nastasia's body, and her only small criticism is that Nastasia's eyes (well, eye) could have been more powerful and grazed the camera. Rob says that Nastasia is like a chameleon, which will work for her. Tyra thinks that Nastasia rocked it, which was impressive especially since Nastasia couldn't hear her direction. Nastasia confesses that she was worried Tyra would think she wasn't listening, when in fact she was just standing in a waterfall. Social media loved the shot, because it's awesome. Nastasia gets an 8 from Kelly and 9s from Tyra and Rob.

Laura is next, with her shell self. Rob seems to like the picture, saying Laura caught the light and is giving fierce eyes. He says she's getting better and better, but Kelly disagrees. She says that Laura did neither her face nor her body justice, and looks schlumpy rather than warrior-esque. Tyra tells Laura that she's super stunning and beautiful, but doesn't have as many angles as some of the other girls. She needs to study her face and find those angles, and also learn where she is in relation to the photographer. Tyra refers to it as a dance, and says that sometimes the model needs to go with the photographer. That kind of learning takes time, particularly when a girl doesn't have a natural instinct for it. Bryanboy gives Laura the sad news that social media has started to abandon her with this shot, and one fan takes pains to point out that Laura's crotch is the focal point of her photo. Laura gets a 7 from Kelly, a 9 from Rob, and an 8 from Tyra.

Then there's Leila, who gets to tell her terrifying tale of being almost bruised by a dolphin. Tyra sees this as further evidence that dolphins can't be trusted. Oh, get a real phobia! Leila's photo is amazing, and Kelly tells her that she's owning every fiber and inch of her being. She adds that it's one of the best shots of the season. Rob agrees that Leila nailed it, and also says that it's one of the best he's seen. She achieved the goal of making art, and Rob would totally hang it in his salon if he had one, too. Tyra points out that this was Leila's first shot, which is pretty impressive. The fans love Leila as well! She gets 10s across the board, like a really tall and lanky Mary Lou Retton with an inverse amount of muscle tone.

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