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Flipping Out

Kristin is next, with her shower curtain headdress. Rob likes most of the photo, with the exception of Kristin's too-relaxed body position. However, Kelly thinks that Kristin looks not like a model, but like a hippie ex-nun who dropped some shrooms with her boyfriend and is hanging out in the rocks. Though that description sounds crazy, it's actually frighteningly accurate. She calls the whole thing very awkward. Tyra has to give Kristin props for dealing with her wet, heavy shower curtain, and says that she likes the awkwardness of Kristin's body. Social media does not agree with Tyra, and one fan says that Kristin looks like she's in intense pain and/or constipated. Maybe constipation is actually the root of all Kristin's stankness. She gets a 7 from Kelly, an 8 from Rob, and a 9 from Tyra.

Finally, there's Kiara. She looks quite regal in her photo. Rob says it's her best one to date, and he's really impressed with her tooch. REALLY impressed. Kelly agrees that it's a beautiful shot, and says that she was happy to see Kiara come out strong. She adds that Kiara has an advantage in that she's a warrior-type girl, as opposed to, say, Kristin's whiny cheerleader. Tyra tells Kiara to bring this every single time, and points out the angles in her face. She calls this Kiara's money shot, and agrees with the others that she looks stunning. Kelly and Rob then get into a little fight about whether Kelly told Kiara that she should change. Rob thinks that she should be herself and carry on doing her own thing. He feels quite passionately about Kiara's self-expression through tooching! And for once, social media likes Kiara too! Kiara gets a 9 from Kelly and 10s from Rob and Tyra. She is elated.

We then get a rare view of the backstage at panel, where Leila and Kiara are celebrating their fabulous critiques. Meanwhile, Laura and Kristin sulk. Kristin finally has enough when she hears Kiara say that her scores are her personal best, and sarcastically says she appreciates that they have so much respect for the girls who are worried by being overenthusiastic about their great photos. In return, Kiara sarcastically says that she appreciates that. She adds that every time Kristin has a bad performance she lashes out at everyone else. And also when she has a good performance, I'd say. Kristin goes on about how she feels disrespected, which is SO valid given that she is typically so sensitive and respectful of the emotional well-being of others. As Kiara says that Kristin is herself rude a whole bunch, Kristin asks why she doesn't say anything about it. Leila tries to get in on the action by saying there's no point in lashing out, which gives Kristin the opportunity to issue a very respectful, "Shut the fuck up, I'm not even talking to you right now." Kiara asks if Kristin ever thought to congratulate the girls who did well, and the answer of course is no. She's worried about her own self. Leila adds that she's never felt any respect from Kristin, which gives Kristin an opportunity to again tell Leila that she doesn't like her. As Leila looks stunned at this very rude diatribe about rudeness, Kiara just smirks. Kiara's got it right, I have to say.

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