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The Girl Who Freaked the Hell Out

Anyway, it's cute dress day! The girls are all wearing flirty spring dresses, with the exception of Natasha, who is in all black. I think she took the instruction to wear something sweet and floaty to mean "Look like a beat poet, hee!" Expect her to recite "Howl" momentarily. There are prizes, there are judges. Priscilla Leighton Clark is the guest judge, which pretty much ensures that Brittany is screwed.

Speaking of Brittany, she's up first. Tyra says that she understands Brittany's go-see didn't end so well, and asks her to explain what happened. Brittany says that she didn't leave enough time for extenuating circumstances and so she was late, which was a big mistake. She conveniently leaves out the part where she LOST HER MIND. The editors, however, happily remind us. And so does Priscilla. She tells Brittany that she has to learn to contain herself, because people don't like tantrums. Brittany cries and says that she's worried because she did so poorly last week and is frustrated with herself. And then, Tyra kind of awesomely takes this opportunity to deliver a dagger to the heart. She tells Brittany that none of the designers from the go-sees wanted to book her. "Not one," she adds for emphasis. Tyra thinks it's strange, because Brittany has some of the strongest photos. Brittany is really surprised. Twiggy asks if she was emotional on the go-sees, and Brittany says she wasn't. Twiggy is shocked that no one would book her. Tyra says that Brittany is the perfect example of how you can't just be pretty and have pretty pictures to be a model, and that there might have been a vibe or personality issue that didn't click with the designers. Well, yeah, she's annoying and her walk sucks. I think that's reason enough.

In better news for Brittany, the judges look at her photos for the week. Her sexy men's magazine photo is really great, so much so that it inspires Tyra to say, "Silky silky." Silky silky indeed! What does that even mean? Twiggy says that the camera loves Brittany, which is why she has to work harder to take care of the personality stuff. And then I think Tyra really hates Brittany, because she says that she was surprised about the sexiness, because she always thought of Brittany as an ethereal and angelic beauty, "That guys are gonna be like, 'I don't get why she's a model,'" because guys are so one-track about beauty, and don't understand Brittany's type of beauty sometimes. I think Tyra just called Brittany funky-looking. Men do, however, understand overt sexuality, says Tyra, so it's great that Brittany can do both. Her women's magazine shoot is really good too, and Nigel praises her versatility. Ms. J. tells her to cut out the model tear droplets. Jay Manuel had reported that Brit let the male model outshine her, and Tyra tells her not to do that.

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