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The Girl Who Blames The Taxi Driver

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The Girl Who Freaked the Hell Out

Next up is Natasha. She has to admit that she was also late. Priscilla tells her that she handled it very well. Brittany scowls and wishes that she had a portfolio around to throw at Natasha. Natasha's men's magazine photo is unsurprisingly great. Twiggy commends her for excelling over the past several weeks. Tyra notes that she often has to tell Natasha that her lips are getting in the way, but this is the one time when it's okay to push them out. She says that they're kind of open, like, "Yeah, baby, come on, baby." Silky silky, redux! The women's magazine shot is good, too. Priscilla really likes that Natasha is so confident. Nigel says that Natasha has a Calvin Klein-esque look. Tyra says that she enjoyed shooting Natasha, and that Natasha did a really good job, but she has the tendency to turtle, which is not so good.

Next we have Jaslene, the challenge winner. Her men's magazine shot is bangin'. Tyra says that she has the kind of eye contact with the camera that men love. Nigel says that even with half of her face covered with hair, she still maintains a great face shot. Actually, I think that's maybe why it's so good. Oh, I kid. I'm actually really feeling Jaslene these days. The judges also really like her softer shot, and Nigel says that the angles make it look like she has a perfect body. Tyra notes that when Jaslene first came on set she was quiet and meek. Jaslene says that she was really nervous and so focused on posing that she didn't even think about connecting with Tyra. Twiggy tells her that it's really important to connect with the photographer.

Next up is Dionne. I think her sexy photo is great -- her skin looks amazing -- but Ms. J. says that it's not one of her best shoots. Tyra says that Dionne tends to go into mean face, which in Tyra's replication comes along with an ape-like grunt. I know that sometimes when I'm mean I can't even say why, because I'm so busy grunting. So Dionne has to learn to give a softer kind of sexiness. Ms. J. asks her to give him three poses, and they all look mean. Dionne says that she never realized it until it was pointed out to her, and that she just must look mean naturally. Which is kind of true. In her soft photo, Nigel says that the male model looks nice and relaxed, but Dionne, even though she's connecting with the camera, doesn't. It's a little too aggressive. Tyra says that Dionne has to be directed for every little thing, and she needs to learn to relax and listen to the photographer and feel it. Twiggy tells Dionne that she should want to inspire the photographer. Dionne actually wants to beat the photographer. This might be her problem.

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