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The Girl Who Freaked the Hell Out

Finally, we have Renee. Her men's magazine photo is great. Twiggy loves the eye contact and says that the entire thing is very "come hither." She gets all a-twitter when she says, "Come hither," and I think she actually has to adjust in her seat a little. If you can turn on Twiggy, you've pretty much cornered the market. Nigel says the look that Renee is giving in the photograph is a favorite one amongst male magazines, because it makes the reader think you want him, no matter how sweaty he is, or how many stains are on his wifebeater. Tyra also notes that Renee has "the booty tooch." Come again? Tyra clarifies that the backside is a new sex accessory, and that Renee is "tooching that back and that booty to make men look back there." Who knew? I'm going to have to start tooching my hooch on a more regular basis. Then maybe I'll be slinky, slinky, too! Hey, a girl can dream. Oh my God, I think I actually just lost my command of the English language for a second. Talking about this show is like speaking in tongues sometimes. I feel like I've been to Jesus Camp. Anyway, Priscilla thinks that Renee is very graceful in her softer shot. Tyra likes that where Renee tooched her booty in the first shot, she's arching her back in the second. Is that maybe a reverse tooch? A triple sow tooch? A downtooch dog? Anyway, kudos to Renee.

The judges deliberate. Ms. J. loves Natasha and notes that she's sexy without even trying. Priscilla thinks she's got the whole package -- she has personality, sex appeal, and a good look, and she wants it. Tyra notes that it was also a pleasure to shoot her, because she came on the set with such positive energy. Twiggy says that Brittany is incredibly photogenic, but obviously, whatever she brings to a meeting is putting people off. Ms. J. says this was the first time IN TOP MODEL HISTORY that no designer wanted to book a girl after go-sees. That is pretty bad. Tyra notes that the designers didn't like her walk or her personality, and Nigel says that this exemplifies what they're always saying about needing personality to get hired. Tyra says that if you don't get the job, you don't exist in the modeling world. Ms. J. says that Jaslene has something, and that the other girls had better watch out, because Jaslene's coming for them. Twiggy says that, unlike Brittany, Jaslene brings in something warm and likeable, and her photos are also sensational. Tyra says that Jaslene proved that she was versatile.

Dionne's photographs were the weakest of the week, according to Twiggy. Tyra thinks that Dionne is going backwards in her personal appearance -- she's losing some of the model and going back to the mall. It's taking away the model inspiration that the judges need. Priscilla says that when Renee came into her agency, she thought that she was a nice girl but really commercial. When she saw Renee's photos, she could have been knocked down with a feather. Priscilla was blown away. Tyra says that Renee could possibly make the most money of anyone there, but she fears that Renee might always be a catalogue girl. Twiggy still thinks that she has a great future, most likely because she has already mastered the art of the tooch.

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