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The Girl Who Blames The Taxi Driver

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The Girl Who Freaked the Hell Out

Tyra Mail! "There is more to go see than kangaroos and koalas. Love, Tyra." Everyone knows, of course, that this means it's go-see time. The girls head to Priscilla's Model Management, where they meet proprietor Priscilla Leighton Clark. She introduces Jodhi Meares, who is a client and one of Australia's top models, as well as the host for season three of Australia's Next Top Model. Priscilla tells the girls that they'll be going out to meet several different designers who represent very different areas of fashion. Jodhi tells the girls that it's important for them to be chameleons so the designers can see the girls selling their products. She adds that they should know their audience. Well, given that I'm sure they've never heard of these designers before, that might be a touch difficult. The girls will be judged on their personalities, portfolios, and runway walks, and the girl who makes the best impression on the designers will win the challenge. Priscilla tells the girls that they must be back to the agency by 4:30. Anyone who is back after 4:30 will be disqualified. With that, they are sent to terrorize the land Down Under yet again.

The girls all rush for cabs. Each has in her possession a map, names of the designers, and addresses. Jaslene gets to her first designer, Anna & Boy, which is run by Lill Boyd and Anna Hewitt, and tells us that her strategy is to be calm, cool, and collective [sic]. I guess that means all the voices in her head will sing in unison for once. They have her try on a bikini, saying that she has a great runway body. Either Anna or Lill says that Jaslene holds herself well when she walks, and would be great. Natasha sees her first designer and tells us that she's very sexy and is bringing everything she learned to this challenge. Designer Wayne Cooper sees Renee. He says that photographically, she needs some work, but he would definitely book her in a show.

Meanwhile, Brittany has asked her cab driver to take her to 13 Cook Road. She rings the bell at 15-19 Cook Road, and she can't understand why no one is answering. She doesn't remember that it's 13 because of her short term memory! She walks around in a state of confusion. I mean, an even greater state of confusion. Dionne makes it to Anna and Boy and walks in a hot bikini. They say that she has a very strong personality, which is great -- she's confident and bubbly. So bubbly and confident, in fact, that she jokingly asks as she's going to change whether she can keep the swimsuit. And they give it to her! Dionne is my hero.

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