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The Girl Who Blames The Taxi Driver

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The Girl Who Freaked the Hell Out

Designer Arabella Ramsay says that Jaslene was very young and fresh, which she liked. Natasha, on the other hand, was very sexual and flirtatious, and that's something that Arabella would not go for. Natasha gives Arabella a hug before she leaves, and we hear the needle scratching on the record. Do not touch the designers! They bite. Dionne tells us that she has one hour left, so she's going to see designer Alice McCall and then head back to Priscilla's. Dionne asks Alice if she can keep a top, and Alice quite correctly answers, "You can buy it." Finally, someone has put a stop to the madness! Anna & Boy think that Renee had great legs and a great body for swimwear. They call her "NeNe," which means that either the girls were forced to use their alter ego names, or Renee just stupidly decided to do so herself. Renee and Dionne head back to Priscilla's, because they don't want to be disqualified.

Brittany, meanwhile, asks her cab driver how long it will take to get back to Priscilla's. He says it will take fifteen minutes, and she says that in that case, she's going to go over to Cooper. And then she walks off, with nary another word. This fact becomes quite important later. And then, as history would predict, Brittany has trouble finding the building that she's looking for. Jaslene rushes down from her last go-see and flies into the cab, worried about time.

Renee is first to get to Priscilla's, followed closely by Dionne. Jaslene is in a cab, freaking out and asking the driver to go faster. Brittany gets in her last go-see at Alice McCall, apologizing for being on such a time schedule. She says that she tried to see the designer as quickly as possible, and will hopefully get brownie points for that. Um, no you won't. Try watching the show once in a while, asshole. Brittany gets outside the building, and then shrilly says, "Okay, obviously my cab driver didn't come the fuck over here like I asked him to." She interviews that when she saw that the cab driver wasn't there, she realized she was fucked. The ticking time clock shows nine minutes until 4:30, with Jaslene and Natasha in cabs, and Brittany on the street. Try to hold your suspense as we head to commercials.

When we return, a teary Brittany tells us that she asked her cab driver to meet her on Cooper Street, and obviously he didn't listen. She tells him as much when she finally gets to where he's parked, then slams the door shut. He says that she didn't tell him to meet her. We flash back to her leaving him and not telling him to meet her on Cooper, which is like one big "Shut up, Brittany" from the editors. Natasha interviews that her strategy was to meet as many designers as possible, but at the same time, it was really, really important to get back to Priscilla's on time. Jaslene interviews that she went to see one last designer, which she shouldn't have, because she can't fail this challenge. We get Amazing Race-esque flashes of Brittany, Jaslene, and Natasha in cabs just before we see a cab pulling up outside of Priscilla's. And out of it emerges...Jaslene! She runs in with exactly one minute to spare. Jaslene, I am happy to tell you that you're the third model to arrive. Congratulations. She interviews that she couldn't believe Natasha and Brittany weren't there, and says, "We had two slackers." Because Jaslene was sooooooo on time. Dionne, Renee, and Jaslene watch the clock tick down, and give a cheer when 4:30 comes. Kind of mean, but I'd do it too.

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