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The Girl Who Blames The Taxi Driver

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The Girl Who Freaked the Hell Out

Priscilla and Jodhi emerge and congratulate the three girls for making it back on time. And then, in runs Natasha. She gives a "Yes!" Renee snottily tells her not to "yes," because she missed the deadline. "No I did not," says Natasha. But, in fact, she did. It's 4:32. Priscilla tells her that even if you're one minute late, designers won't want to see you. Consequently, she's disqualified and asked to wait outside. She does so without complaint. She interviews that if she hadn't been disqualified, she knows she would have won the challenge, because she would book more jobs than any of the other girls. Seriously, she should just get a tattoo that reads, "I am best," and she can point to it all the time.

Priscilla congratulates the three on-time girls for being true professionals and meeting their deadline. Meanwhile, Brittany runs out of her cab and to the door of Priscilla's. She looks like Casper in a brown dress, floating through the streets of Sydney. Except minus the friendliness. Brittany sees Natasha, who shakes her head and says that she was thirty seconds late and still disqualified. Brittany yells, "I asked my fucking cab driver to meet me on Cooper Street, and he didn't fucking show up," then throws her portfolio on the ground in a rage. Cut to inside Priscilla's, where everyone can hear everything she's saying. Okay, that is awesome. Priscilla looks disturbed. Renee gives a look indicating that she is totally scandalized, but also really enjoying it. Because that's how Renee reacts when faced with the misfortunes of others.

Back outside, Natasha tells Brittany that it's okay, and Brittany brattily yells, "It's not okay! It sucks, because it's not my fucking fault! It's his, 'cause I asked him to meet me over there." She starts bawling. We get a reaction shot from Priscilla, who looks an awful lot like Rosie O'Donnell. Right now, I wish she actually were Rosie O'Donnell, so she could shut Brittany up with a well timed "Sit and spin, my friend." Cut back to outside, where Natasha is telling Brittany that some people have war in their countries. Like, seriously. Tough titty, Britty. Get over it and pipe down. But, she doesn't. Brittany cries that it took her two minutes to get back to the cab, and if he had been waiting for her on Cooper Street, she would have made it. Well, then, she should have told him to wait for her on Cooper Street. I mean, this is clearly her own fault, any way you slice it. Natasha tries to comfort Brittany, and Brittany actually screams at her to stop telling her not to be upset, and that she can be upset if she wants to. At this point Natasha just kind of laughs. One really dangerous part of short-term memory loss is that you can totally forget about the need for human decency. She's like a monster. If she still had the scraggly weave, she would really look like she walked right out of a Tennessee Williams play.

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