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Breaking Down Is Hard to Do

Then, Caridee. She actually does look crazy. She almost forgets to kiss the guy, then says, "Oh, sorry," and gets all porny with him. Denis says that it was the weirdest Catalan he's ever heard, but that she looked beautiful. Nigel says that Catalan was the least of her problems. The most of her problems was that she looked drunk and crazy. He says that it was a train wreck. Miss J. says that Caridee was speaking Spapanese, and was lost in translation. Tyra says that it was disappointing, because the girl who was kicking all kinds of ass throughout the competition now looks really amateur. Caridee is crying. Tyra says that she was the challenge winner, but that the commercial cancels it out. Nigel says that it was unforgivable, and Miss J. says, "Well yes, but also memorable because it was that bad." I don't think Miss J. listens very closely, or has a strong grasp on the English language. Caridee's mascara is running.

Then there is Jaeda. Tyra notes that Jaeda looks nervous, and Jaeda says that she blew it. We see her best commercial take, which pretty much sucks. She also looks forty. At one point she says, "Shit, man." At the end, Nacho is feeding Jaeda lines. Pretty nice for a racist fuck. Twiggy says that Jaeda was right to warn them, because it was like watching a car crash. Miss J. calls her commercial a big old open sore, and Nigel says that it was appalling. Twiggy notes that Jaeda obviously cannot act, and that she fell flat on her face. Jaeda says that she cried on set because she was so angry. Tyra asks whom Jaeda is angry at, and Jaeda avoids falling into the trap of the blame game by saying that she was angry at herself because she couldn't do it. Miss J. says that if it wasn't the language, it had to be something deeper. Jaeda says that she was nervous, and also thinking that the male model didn't like her. She tells the panel that the model said that he didn't like black girls, which appalls everyone. Jaeda says that she felt like Nacho was crawling in his skin to kiss her. Nigel says that Jaeda needed to take control, because the male model was just an extra, and Miss J. agrees that the incident shouldn't have stopped Jaeda from doing the job that she was sent there to do. Tyra says that she can sympathize, but that the commercial was still dreadful. The one plus was that once in a while the light would catch Jaeda's face and she looked absolutely radiant. Jaeda, all puffy eyes and tears, does not look very radiant at the moment, however.

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