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Breaking Down Is Hard to Do

Six girls stand before Tyra, but there are only five photos. The first name she calls is that of...Melrose. No one is happy about that. Tyra says that the extra something she gave paid off, and Eugena glares at Amanda. Then there is Eugena, who has impressed the judges for the first time. And then there is Amanda, who was not dreadful. However, being not dreadful isn't something to aspire to, according to Tyra. Then Michelle gets a photo, and is told to make use of her spunk and fire.

Will Jaeda and Caridee please step forward? There is one photo and two girls. Cari is the girl who is so full of life and takes amazing pictures from week to week. The judges loved her, up until today. A big part of this win is to have a Cover Girl contract, which requires a performance in a commercial. And what they saw today is a girl who can't deliver a commercial. And then there's Jaeda, who has been in the bottom two a whole bunch of times. Some of the judges doubt her passion, but some of them think that her face is strong, and that some girls just need a little more grooming and a little more time. So who goes home? It is Jaeda. Caridee gives her a hug before telling Tyra that she's never been so happy to see herself. Tyra says that sometimes when people get a lot of praise, they think they're fine and great, but now Caridee sees that she's not perfect. Caridee says she knows that.

Jaeda gives Tyra a hug. She says that she's disappointed in how everything went down. It wasn't a great way to leave. But she's holding on to the fact that the judges saw something in her, and that it made her want to try harder. Being insecure with her hair, it took her a longer time than the other girls to develop the characteristics she needed in the competition. But she believes that things are going to work out. And hey, hair grows back.

Next Wednesday: bulls! And the girls become the judges. And apparently Caridee says something to piss off Nigel. Happy American Thanksgiving, everyone! Eat some turkey or tofurkey, even if you live in Canada!

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